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Those Brits, they’re so quaint…

British man digs up Notre Dame fencing medal

Some guy in Blackheath digs up a medal in his back garden, and it is covered on a US TV news page. The fencing medal is from Notre Dame University in Indiana, not from Paris…

My favourite part:

He used an old English cleaning remedy.

Waller soaked the medallion in HP Sauce, a popular brand of brown sauce made of malt vinegar blended with fruit and spices. The sauce is a well known and often used condiment in Great Britain.

“I stuck it in the sauce for 24 hours. Most of the dirt came off it,” he said.

Finally, a use for the disgusting stuff! Anyway, if you can guess what the medal looks like, and know why it was there in Mr Waller’s back garden, then tell your local friendly blog… Then maybe tell them, afterwards?


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