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No soap in the Princess of Wales pub

Every time I go into The Princess of Wales or the Railway pubs, the toilets almost never have any handsoap in them. It happened again to me today in the PoW, and it drives me nuts. These places sell food. I think it was probably AA Gill who said that if you walk into a restaurant, and there’s no soap in the loo, just leave.

From howtospotapsychopath.com:

Let’s say you’ve got a normal immune system, and you go to the bathroom, wash your hands in a perfunctory manner with no soap, and later on decide to eat some chips or perform some other activity that transfers bacteria from your hands to the upper portion of your gut.

You’ll probably be fine, just as you will probably also get away with driving while mildly-illegally drunk.

But doing this buys you quite a lot of tickets in the Pathogen-Disaster Lottery. If you get a big enough dose of bad enough germs into yourself, your immune system won’t be able to react and shut them down before they’ve multiplied into too large a population to stop, and then you’ll be in trouble.

Which, again to not be over-dramatic, probably won’t be the kind of trouble that kills you. But may be the kind that initially makes you afraid that you will die, and later on makes you afraid that you won’t.

UPDATE: As James points out in the comments, the pub does have an online survey where you can make your views felt… And win a meal (yum!) with a bottle of wine. http://www.castlewebsitesurvey.empathica.com/?certcode=42510


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Pub clicks

Above are the answers to the which-pub-got-the-most-clicks-in-the-week-before-new-year quiz, a day later than I had promised… The interesting thing to me is that Cave Austin appears to be the main draw for people. I’d assumed that the pubs would be of more interest, but evidently not. Anyway, wishing you all a good 2012.


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Here’s a question for you…

I put up the annual list of New Year’s Eve drinking venues last week. Which place do you think was clicked on the most? I was surprised (Mrs Bugle wasn’t).

Your options are The Crown, Zero Degres, Cave Austin, The Railway
O’Neills, Princess of Wales, and the Hare & Billet.

Answers tomorrow.


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Pubs in Blackheath on New Year’s Eve 2011

Here’s a list of the various opening times in Blackheath.

All the info below is from me phoning the pubs today, so may not be perfect.

If you’re going to try and watch fireworks over London (where the Thai hot air balloon shown above lifted up from a couple of years back), try the junction of Cade Road and General Wolfe Road, shown below – nearest Blackheath pub is the Hare & Billet. (see map at the bottom of this post).

Hare & Billet
No tickets required – open from 11am until 1am on New Year’s Day.

Cave Austin
Open from 8.30pm – with an extended license (guy on the phone wasn’t sure until when – possibly 3am or 4am?) Tickets are £12 in advance, or £15 on the door.

The Crown
No ticket required
Open until 1am

The Railway
No ticket required
Open until 2am

Tickets are £5 on the door,
Open until 1.30am

Prince of Wales
No ticket required
Open until 1am (he thinks but not sure)

Zero Degrees
As with last year, they’re not answering the phone – I’ve dropped them an email, and I’ll update the blog if they reply.

Good spot for watching fireworks over London:


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New Year’s Eve 2010- pub opening times in Blackheath

UPDATE: New Year’s Eve 2011 Pub opening times are here.

Whether you’re looking forward to, or dreading the pubs being open for New Year’s Eve, here’s a list of the various opening times in Blackheath. No tickets for any of them, except for Cave Austin. If you’re going to try and watch fireworks over London (like last year), try the junction of Cade Road and General Wolfe Road, shown below

Hare & Billet
Close at 1am
No tickets, but cash only – no credit cards (probably because their card machines are so slooow)

Cave Austin weird Las Vegas thing…
Tickets are £15 in advance, more on the door
Open from 8pm-4am

The Crown
No ticket required
Open until 1am

The Railway
No ticket required
Open until 2am

No tickets, small donation on the door goes to charity
Open until 2.30am

Prince of Wales
No ticket required
Open until 2am

Zero Degrees
Can’t get hold of them, but will update the blog when I do…


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Blackheath pubs open til 4am?

Bottle of Stella smashed on the pavement in Blackheath, found on Sunday morning

Lewisham Council are about to reconsider the rules around late licenses for bars in Blackheath.  This is carried out through a piece jargon known as the “Cumulative Impact Zone”.  The long and short of it is this:  if you like the fact that there is less vomit, fewer broken bottles, windows, and hearts on a Saturday morning in Blackheath, there’s a good chance that it is down to this piece of legislation.  It makes it harder for licensed premises to request later licenses.  Let’s face it – if you want to go out on a late night bender, Soho isn’t that far away, and you can get a night bus back to Blackheath.

But, according to a recent email from the Blackheath Society, we need to send emails to the council, telling them to keep the “Cumulative Impact Zone” (couldn’t they have found a catchier name?).

So, if you want to stop all the pubs opening til 4am every night, you might want to send something along the lines below to licensing@lewisham.gov.uk :

Dear Lewisham Council.  Please maintain the Cumulative Impact Zone in Blackheath  As a resident, I believe that it has noticeably improved the lives of people in the area.  I think that there is less crime, disorder, and public nuisance late at night as a result of the zone.

There’s more here from the Blackheath Village Residents Association, but the only relevant page I could find on the council’s website about this is here (which is where the zone map, shown below, came from).  A page from the Society’s original request is here, but there’s nothing else about it on their site at the moment.

Map of the Cumulative Impact Zone in Blackheath by Lewisham Council

Dear Member,

We wish to draw your attention to this subject again, in view of what we see as the importance of the CIZ in limiting the impact of late night noise and nuisance associated with licensed premises in Blackheath. The position was explained in our December Newsletter.

Our discussions with Lewisham’s Licensing Department have made it clear that there can be no certainty that the CIZ will continue in force following the forthcoming review of Lewisham’s Licensing Policy. However, its continuation will be more likely if representations are received from residents and organisations. The Society has already written to urge the continuation of the CIZ.

However, letters or emails from individual residents may well be more effective than those from organisations, and we hope that Members who are or have been affected by noise and nuisance will make their views known by writing or emailing as soon as possible. A copy of the Newsletter item is attached to this email, with details of the address to which letters or emails should be sent.

Any members who would like to discuss the matter before writing should contact Julian Crispin (8852 6338) or Frank Smith (8852 6390).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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All slightly crap in different ways

The best review of Blackheath’s pubs for a long time… He’s right, you know.

This problem has come up before, and has been solved!

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Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival 2009 Today!

It looks like the weather may actually hold out – the beeb says it will get better throughout the day.
If you’ve never been to Blackheath before, here’s a handy cut-out-and-keep guide (bring your special internet scissors).
I’ll be adding lots of photos later today.

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Free wifi in Blackheath?

There is no cat
As John asked in the previous squirrelly post about wifi, I thought we should have a specific post about it here. (The squirrels aren’t that interested in wifi).

The only free wifi in Blackheath that I’ve managed to find has been in the Blackheath Royal Standard Pub. It was encrypted though, so you’d have to go and ask the staff for the password… However, I have wandered around Blackheath before and spotted various unencrypted wifi points, but never actually accessed them. (Although, just because they’re not encrypted, doesn’t mean that they will work).

I’ve never understood why the some of the many coffee shops in Blackheath don’t offer it. I would have thought that it would differentiate them from their many competitors, but maybe they don’t want the laptop users eking out a single cup of coffee out all morning solely to soak up the wifi beams.

I first saw the quote above on a website called nocat.net years ago, back when I was at university, and email addresses were full of numbers. The site was dedicated to the idea of free wireless access provided by enthusiasts. The idea was that if you were of a technical nature, and had spare bandwidth, you could offer your wireless router to the nearby community, and by a system of maps, find out who else was offering wifi too.

Sadly the site is quite old now, and hasn’t been updated for several years, but the idea is still a good one I think. So, if any bright spark in Petite Boulangerie Jade, or Handmade Foods is listening – get your routers opened up!

If I hear of any more coming online, I’ll be sure to add them to this post.

Photo of Einstein from Wikipedia.


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New Year’s Eve pubs in Blackheath

UPDATE: New Year’s Eve 2011 Pub opening times are here.

The Bugle will be back in Black(heath) for New Year’s Eve, and has come up with a list of pub opening times, and whether you’ll need a ticket to get in.  This was achieved  by spending the day walking around the village grumbling about the cold.

Cave Austin

I think Cave Austin are doing some sort of (ticketed) New Year’s Eve party, but their website makes my ears hurt, so I had to run away…(Just called them instead – tickets are £50, including drinks from 9pm-3am, plus a bit of food).

The Railway
The Railway pub Blackheath new years eve

The Railway pub has no ticketing system for New Years eve, which is probably a good thing, but they have a James Bond themed evening, which probably isn’t. And they often have a bouncer in the toilets, which is a definite no no.

The Hare & Billet
The Hare and Billet pub Blackheath new years eve

The Hare & Billet has no ticketing, is a nice pub and is open until 1am (or maybe 2, can’t remember). They also had no posters of any kind about the festivities.

The Crown
The Crown pub Blackheath new years eve
The Crown doesn’t require tickets and is open until 1am.

The Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales pub Blackheath new years eve

The Princess of Wales is open until 2am, with no ticketing.  I bet it will be heaving, (as will the customers if they overindulge).

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees pub Blackheath new years eve

Zero Degrees rather weirdly is having a masked ball. Tickets are £10 and the meal is £30, which seems a bit steep.

Blackheath Halls

Blackheath Halls are having a “Bohemian Ball”, until 2am.  More info here.

Last year, in a vain attempt to watch some fireworks across London, we squelched our way up onto the heath, and stared out across a really cold, wet, and decidedly bleak heath to try and squint at some fireworks through the rain, with little more than a candle borrowed from the Prince of Wales pub, a thoroughly unhelpful umbrella, and a bottle of champagne.

Hopefully this year will be a drier one, and we’ll find a better vantage point.

Happy new year to you all!

O'Neils Pub

Finally got through to O’Neil’s – they are selling tickets for New Year’s Eve – £5 a ticket, and probably open til 2am, but depends how busy they are.

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