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More maps of the Climate Camp

Hand Drawn Map of Climate Camp Blackheath 2009
Looking at the ad-hoc maps of the climate change camp in Blackheath is really interesting – here are some overlays of the hand-drawn maps versus the GPS trail that I made yesterday:

Here’s the hand drawn map overlaid onto Google Maps:
Clime Camp Blackheath Map 2009 overlaid on google maps

And here it is overlaid onto the GPS trail that I made yesterday:
GPS trail & Hand Drawn Map of Climate Camp Blackheath 2009

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Blackheath – The Daily Mail lifestyle choice

The Daily Mail comes to the Blackheath climate camp protest, bringing a whiff of lifestyle, despair and misery.

Apparently it’s not a protest, it’s a load of middle class children, who will never be political and are a bunch of hypocrites for even attempting such a protest. Every time I read one of these Mail articles (and feel guilty for clicking on their links) it reminds me how much they seem to hate their own readers. It is as though they are saying “You can’t change anything, so don’t even try. You’ve lost already so go home and do as we tell you”. It delights in asking “Where are all the battle-hardened anarchists with smelly dreadlocks, boasting tales of police brutality?”

Have a little read of this, if you haven’t read about how the Mail behaved in the 30′s. It is fascinating. Yes it was a long time ago, but there’s still a strange odour lingering over articles like this one, even now – it’s just that these days the language has softened slightly, and been replaced with talk of brands and lifestyle choices.


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Blackheath Climate Change Camp Google Map

Blackheath Climate Change Camp Map

Here’s a very vague map of the Climate Change Camp, complete with markers for toilets. I think the Blackboard mentioned in the previous post might be more use (or just ask anyone once you get inside).

I tried to create a proper Google Map, but it isn’t appearing on my computer for some reason. Maybe you can see it above?

I’ve also added my traces to OpenStreetMap (the Wikipedia of maps) using this very nice app. But they haven’t appeared yet, and I might have done it wrong… But the wonderful thing about these maps is that anyone can fix them – so please tidy them up!

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Mayor of Lewisham Compares Climate Change Protesters to Football Hooligans

I was hoping that Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock’s climate change comments (as reported by 853blog ) were an accidental one off… He wrote:

Climate change huge concern to me but do not believe irresponsible approach of the CC campers will win public support and make change happen

But it seems mayorsteve.co.uk is at it again:

There may seem to be little connection between the thugs who wreaked havoc at the West Ham/Millwall game on Tuesday and the Climate Change protestors who occupied Blackheath last evening. One group are only interested in satisfying their own selfish need for violence whilst the other are doing something positive to help save our endangered planet….

The problem with the Campers is that no matter how well intentioned and nice they are what they are doing is counter-productive. It will be seen as self indulgent by lots of people who are struggling through the recession and could even make it harder to win support for some of the difficult measures that will have to be taken in the future. And who do you think is going to have to pay to take the rubbish away, provide water and repair the Heath when they’ve gone? That’s right you and me – the taxpayers of Lewisham who were never asked and never agreed to the camp being here.

I’m afraid that I’m a Blackheath taxpayer, and I have to disagree with you, Steve. Firstly, I don’t understand why our local councils insist upon pronouncing on issues that have no consequence to residents, such as Millwall fans, when there are so many other issues that need looking at first. Secondly, I think it is absolutely essential that people make their voices heard on a local, national and international level. Unfortunately for you, it’s on your patch… Nevermind, the heath is a mess every sunny Saturday with people simply boozing, so it won’t make much difference.

So, you can either use this to your advantage, embrace it, and listen to their requests, or you can sit in your council offices, chastising these young people for having the gall to make a stand about something. Don’t be misled – just because they’ve got the time and money to be able to come and make a political statement doesn’t mean that they are just rich kids who can be ignored. Climate change is going to affect all of us.

Please don’t make dubious comparisons with football hooligans. Improve our air quality, reduce the flights coming overhead, make sure that our waste isn’t being incinerated, but gets fully recycled, turn our public transport into low emissions vehicles, and stop the crazy rail price hikes! Then you can talk to us about Millwall fans.


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No Horsing Around in Greenwich Park

NOGOE protester in Blackheath Village
He’s out there in the middle of the traffic island most Saturdays. If you agree with what he’s saying (and you really should), then please go and sign his petition.

I think it’s great that he’s standing up (sitting down) for what he believes in. It reminds me that older people are becoming a serious political threat as the population ages – lots of spare time, combined with their cheap travel around the UK (which may or may not be bankrupting local councils!) is a potent combination.

Just a reminder – this is not Nimbyism – this is about preventing the destruction of some of the oldest and most historic parkland in the UK. (If there was a serious proposal to stick some wind farms up on the heath, the Bugle would be all in favour!)

You can find more info on the NOGOE website – http://www.nogoe2012.com/
We’ve talked about this before – Save Greenwich Park on Facebook, and Not One Tree.

You can also protest directly to the people in charge:
Seb Coe Chairman LOCOG
London 2012 One Churchill Place Canary Wharf London E14 5LN enquiries@london2012.com

Boris Johnson Mayor of London
City Hall, London SE1 2AA mayor@london.gov.uk

Tessa Jowell MP Minister for the Olympics
House of Commons, London SW1A 0A

Lord Moynihan Chairman British Olympic Association
1 Wandsworth Place London SW18 1EH


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Save Greenwich Park on Facebook

Squirrel in Greenwich Park, by flickr user law_keven

Just wanted to draw your attention to the various Save Greenwich Park bits and pieces on Facebook (as spotted by Jacqueline).  I thought I’d put them in a post, rather than just publish her comment, as she provided a useful link:

There is a Facebook group called Save Greenwich Park.  It is open to anyone to join.

Inside the group, a member called Caroline has created an Event, suggesting a protest each Sunday, (which I think would involve walking along the proposed route)…  So far so good, but it would appear to have been cancelled.  The first one was due to take place on Sunday 17th August at 2pm.  I’ve emailed Caroline stoptheolympicsatgreenwichpark@live.com to find out when the next event will be – and I’ll post up here when I get a reply.

In the meantime, I’d remind you to keep an eye on the “No to Greenwich Olympic Equestrian Events” website, at http://www.nogoe2012.com/

You can see the proposed route for the Olympic event here.

The completely wonderful (if not totally relevant) photo of the squirrel was taken by Flickr user law_keven and is used under a creative commons license.  (Well, it’s peeking out from behind a Greenwich Park tree – it’s close enough!)

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Not One Tree

A great deal has been written by many bloggers about the risks posed by holding the 2012 Olympic horse jumping events in Greenwich Park. It seems that some hollow promises have been wrought from the Olympic organisers who appear to promise to “return the park in whatever state it was taken in”.

I think that any campaign against the proposal needs to be very precisely targeted, in order to be effective, and to avoid any accusations of “nimbyism”. The request should be simple:

“Not One Tree”.

Not One Tree

If the organising committee can find a way to guarantee that absolutely no trees will be damaged during the Olympics, then the plan should go ahead.

The promise of consultation only increases my fears.  I seem to remember being consulted about the building of more nuclear reactors.

So what can be done?  Is there any kind of audit on exactly how many trees there are in the park, and how old they are?  My suggestions:

Write something along the lines of:

Please give me your absolute assurance that NOT ONE TREE will be damaged if the 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events go ahead on the Greenwich Park site.  If you cannot guarantee this, then I request that you reconsider using an alternative site.

  • Write To Them.  Probably not your MEP, but all of the others should be worth a go.
  • Use the “contact us” page on the London2012 web site.
  • Email Boris mayor@london.gov.uk although the Phantom didn’t seem to have much luck.
  • And if none of that works, well, there’s always the spectacular board up on the heath, as spotted by LastBusHome. You could add something slightly more tasteful though.
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 3
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 2


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