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Now Wash Your Hands

Andrex advert using Blackheath village

Eagle-eyed William spotted Blackheath in the hideous Andrex Puppy advert. Look about 30 seconds in. Then read this wonderful review of such a creepy looking promo. As the nutters on youtube say

“Because some people prefer the old real puppy that was actually cute, not a CGI dog wearing a wrist watch”

The Cactus Pit becomes “Bones 4u”. Arf arf.
The Village Barbers maintains the colour scheme, but becomes “Mutts Cuts”. Which would annoy me if I was the owner! It’s a great barber shop!
El Pirata becomes the “Chihuahua Bar”.

(And the song is called “Little Things”, by Dave Berry from 1965)


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A look inside the Hexagonal House

The strange hexagonal house in Blackheath Park has been spotted in a music video. A keen-eyed reader named “Prawntail” wrote:

This house is often used for promo shoots. I attended a shoot here for David Holmes… The lady of the house sits in a lovely summer house in the back garden and watches the ridiculous posturing go on, happy to chat about history of house. Personally I found the interior terribly male. Garden is lovely though.

Many thanks for the tip! You can watch the video by clicking on it, or click on the link here.

The song is called “Sugar Man” and is by “David Holmes presents The Free Association” (C) 2003 Mercury Records Limited.

You might be able to get in on CD from Amazon.

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