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Virtual Tour of Blackheath

Evening Blackheathens… I had a day off today, so thought I’d have a go at making a virtual tour of Blackheath.

Armed with the lousy mobile phone camera, I took a photo every few steps, and then put them all together into a little web thingy.

If you click on the photo below, you’ll start downloading the tour. It will take a couple of minutes, so you might want to put the kettle on. Once it is ready, you can choose where to begin from a list of options, then click around the screen to move forwards and backwards. Some of the routes are limited, and some are a bit confusing, as you have to effectively walk backwards to get to them… Anyway, you’ll see what I mean.

Blackheath Wanderer Flash Game click to open

Don’t forget to wait until it has finished loading before you click anywhere (I’ll put a proper loading screen in later!). If this one isn’t working properly, there is a copy here.

I hope to update it to make it more like a game (maybe like this brilliant game based around Soho), but my Flash skills will need to improve before then.

Let me know if any of it doesn’t make sense – I’ve already removed quite a few impossible loops etc.


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