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In other news…

Kevin (you know who, don’t make me say the moniker) seems to have taken up oil painting. A strange blue landscape is being painted on the step next to Shepherds Food.
Kevin painting a landscape in oils, closeup

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A Windmill on Blackheath

A Windmill on Blackheath painting by J.M.W. Turner in the Tate Collection

The excellent blog Transpontine has a post about Turner‘s London paintings. It also linked to this painting, shown above, of “View on Lewisham Hill, Looking Up towards a Windmill on Blackheath 1796-7”.

It also shows how completely rural the area was back then! I always find it hard to imagine.

UPDATE: A different kind of windmills were mentioned on this blog a while back.


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Blackheath when the oil runs out

Blackheath with wind turbines

Interesting article here about how Blackheath should respond to the coming Peak Oil moment.  http://transitionwestcombe.blogspot.com/2008/12/transition-westcombe-upcoming-article.html

The montage above is by me – I know it’s not great, just to give a sense of how we may end up!).  It is based on a couple of images.  The heath image is by Nicobobinus and the turbines are by jespis.  Both are creative commons licensed, as is my montage.


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