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Lunar Picnic on the Heath

Supermoon over Blackheath, taken by twitter user howierayner
UPDATE: Map and more info in this post.
Flamsteed (the amateur astronomers club, based at Greenwich observatory) wrote:

On 15 June,from 9pm onwards,we will be having a picnic on Blackheath with @ROGAstronomers to view the lunar eclipse. All welcome. #eclipsnic

According to @TimandraHarknes The total lunar eclipse is on 15th June, and starts when the moon rises at 2112 untill late. It should be in a South-East to South direction.

NASA Techy eclipse info here (PDF).

Photo shows a non-eclipsed Supermoon over Blackheath, taken by twitter user howierayner.


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The fireball of Blackheath, 1890

The Perseids text
From the Astronomical Register at the Royal Observatory of Greenwich:

Gentlemen, –

A very fine meteor was visible soon after midnight on June 27 last, and a good many observers have described its unusual brilliancy ‘ but with one or two exceptions they have not given exact particulars of its apparent path amongst the stars.
The meteor was fortunately observed by Mr A. M. W. Downing, of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, as follows:-

June 27, 12h 15m G.M.T. – As I was crossing Blackheath I saw an extraordinarily brilliant meteor. The path was from Cassiopeia to near Pegasi, where it disappeared. It was many times brighter than Jupiter, left a bright train, and moved slowly, duration quite 5 seconds. It was the most remarkable and brightest meteor I have ever seen.

Text from NASA’s Astrophysics Data System Bibliographic Services (believed to be public domain), and photograph from wikipedia page about the Perseids, by Mila Zinkova

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