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That explains the racket last night

India Jane and the Burglar Alarm
Signed stuck to the front of India Jane this morning, threatening to report them to Greenwich Noise Pollution. Somehow I didn’t mind as much when I could walk in there and pick up Existenz.


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All we can do is log it…

It’s a horrible noise… It’s been going all day. But now, because it is out of office hours, Greenwich council can’t do anything about it. I just hope they come home, otherwise it’s going to be bleating away all night, and I want to enjoy the Bike and Kite festival tomorrow… :( The council suggested that I could “phone the police and tell them it’s a break-in”. But it’s not… If it’s still going at 2am I might be tempted…


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“BOOP… Stand Well Clear… Vehicle Reversing”

Noisy dustcart blackheath greenwich council stand well clear

I swear, if I hear this noise (mp3) one more time this week I’m going to throw myself down behind that dustcart. Has anyone ever been saved from death by that stupid racket? If any of you dear sweet readers has a friend, who knows a friend, who once managed to avoid death as a result of a robot-machine-received-pronunciation-death-bot-voice-from-hell screaming “Stand Well Clear Big Brother Loves You”, then I’ll rethink my argument. Even if you were standing behind the bloody thing you’d hear it without the automatic-shoutbox bolted on to the back of the daft machine.  God help anyone who has to do night shifts.


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Car alarms

One of the nicest things about Blackheath is that it is usually so quiet and peaceful…. It’s not called Tranquil Vale for nothing you know.  I was relieved to see this sign propping up a local offender:

Noisy car alarm

So if you own a blue Audi, and the number plate ends in “HGY”, you really should think about getting rid of your car alarm.  It’s been bleeping away for two nights now.  Grrr..

Greenwich council have someone who deals with these things.  You can reach them on 020 8921 8921.  And yes, I know it’s probably a bit more local than I had in mind too, but it’s my blog, and it makes me feel better…


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Apocalypse Blackheath?

Chinooks over Blackheath

8.45pm – Two chinook helicopters making a terrible racket… Sounded like an invasion had begun. Circling constantly for about 10 minutes – seems odd – they must be too large to be used for tracking getaway cars?

UPDATE:  There’s more about this on the front cover of the May Edition of The Westcombe News.


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