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Cashpoints in Blackheath

Had a message from James asking about the hole in the wall machine at Blackheath Station:

“The cashpoint at the station has been “temporarily” out of order for about 2 months now.  I’d be interested to see what others think of this”.

Well, I’ve been down there a few times over the last few days, and it has been functioning perfectly every time!  So I’m not sure whether you’re thinking of a different one?

As far as I know, there are four cashpoints in Blackheath village:

  • Two at Lloyds Bank.
  • One Natwest branded one in the station.
  • One at Barclays Bank, near the library.

But have I missed any?


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Nationwide – proud to be difficult


I’ve recently been having a bit of a clear out, and this included the elephant. Now, before you assume that this will be an unpleasant tale about elephant enemas, I assure you, the elephant involved is actually a piggy bank.

So having emptied, and sorted every coin in the elephant into separate bags for each type of coin, I wandered down to the Nationwide branch in Blackheath. I have an account with them. And I had some money I’d like to put into the account… Which seemed reasonable enough to me…

The cashier took one look at my lovingly sorted bags, and said “Oh, we don’t take cash like that, it has to be in our own money bags, and we only take full bags“. Unbelievable.

Now, I realise that banks (and building societies) don’t want to be dealing with huge quantities of cash, and that they’d much rather be selling me car insurance, holiday insurance, or something else, but I wasn’t impressed – I’d already counted, and sorted it – all they’d have to do is drop it onto their scales, and figure out the cost. And they’re a building society for God’s sake!

So I went off to Natwest instead, and they happily deposited it for me without batting an eyelid. No Natwest in Blackheath though…

(Photo based on an original here.)


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