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Greenwich morphed

Saw this post about Greenwich’s changing skyline in The Greenwich Phantom, and couldn’t resist doing another morph.  It didn’t work out as well as the previous one, but still gives as nice idea of how things are changing, I think.

The photos were from http://everythinghurts.com/


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Blackheath High Street – back into time

I found these amazing photos of Blackheath and Lewisham.  One in particular stood out, so I tried to take the same photo from the same position on the high street today.  It just about works.  The photo from 1900 looks much better than mine (although he probably wasn’t using the camera on the back of his mobile phone, I suppose)…

(or lower quality youtube version)

The rest of the photos are well worth a look.  I’ll try and do some more morphs like this one when I get a chance.  The software I used to make this is free, and can be found here.



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