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Eclipsnic Tonight from 9pm!

Blackheath Eclipsnic Lunar Eclipse Picnic tonight 9pm
Come and wonder at the pink moon tonight on Blackheath! From 9pm the Flamsteed amateur astronomy society will be holding a lunar eclipse picnic (wonderfully dubbed the “Eclipsnic”), at the location shown above, which isn’t a million miles away from the Blackheath Tea Hut. Anyone can come along, it’s free, but I guess warm clothes and a pair of binoculars would be a plus. It’s a great idea. More info on their site.

See the previous post about this here.


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The SuperMoon over Blackheath

Supermoon over Blackheath, taken by twitter user howierayner
Lovely photo of last night’s massive moon hovering over Blackheath, taken by twitter user @howierayner. Great explanation of the Lunar Perigee here.

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Two plaques, two lunar craters

James Clark Ross Blue Plaque, Blackheath

It seems that there is a second crater on the moon named after a Blackheath resident. When I went searching for the pagoda a couple of days ago, I spotted another blue plaque (you’ll remember the first blue plaque posting).

There is a second up on the heath, belonging to James Clark Ross. Ross was an Arctic explorer, who is remembered for discovering Magnetic North, and a Northwest Passage through the Arctic Ocean.

So now you can look up at the moon, and think of two craters named after Blackheath residents. Or maybe in a few years time, the Loonies will look down at Earth from their tunnels under Ross and Eddington Craters, and think of their namesakes.

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