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Different Trains…

Train pulling in to Blackheath Station

Dear Southeastern Trains,

Do you think that there is any chance you could lay on some long trains during the rush hour?  Every morning I see several carriages worth of empty space along Blackheath’s London-bound platform. I realise that it is really too late to complain, as you’ve already got my £712 for this year, and, for some reason, this doesn’t actually purchase me a seat on your lovely trains, but if you possibly could see your way to putting on a full train or two, it might make our journeys to work a little less sweaty.

Of course, if I don’t like it, I realise that I am free to take my business to one of the many other Train Operating Companies departing from Blackheath to Charing Cross.

Perhaps some sort of Service Level Agreement based on the rules around battery chicken farming could be introduced?


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