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Lost a black & white cat?

Lost black and white cat
The poster is a bit washed up now, but here’s the text from it:

This black and white kitten / young cat was found at 123A Lee Park on 18/10/10. If this is your cat, please contact Rich on 07772167911. The kitten will be looked after until we find the owner

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Lost – one favourite jacket

Lost coat!
I don’t usually do lost and found, but it’s definitely hyperlocal, so here goes:

Serena writes:

Whilst visiting Blackheath Halls yesterday, my 2 year-old daughter’s favourite coat became lost :-( It was her favourite, an 18-24 Month Old TU Lola Coat, it was lost between the Blackheath Halls and the road in which we parked (I think called Lee Park, it was a tree lined residential road)…as I am not local I wondered if you have any idea how I could go about finding the coat?

Anyway, photo is above – if anyone’s seen it, contact me and I’ll pass on the message.

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Have you lost your rail ticket?

Lost travelcard in Blackheath
Matt says:

Community service time! I found an oystercard just down the road from the Hare & Billet today. I’m going to hand it in at Blackheath Station tomorrow morning, but I thought it might be worth advertising the fact it’s been handed in, here. There was a photocard with it – is there any chance this man is one of your readers?


I know how annoying it is to lose your ticket, not to mention how patronising the “don’t do it again – we won’t give you another one” letters from our favourite Train Operating Company can be… Hopefully the mysterious ticket holder will claim what is rightfully his! Drop me a message if you read this, and I’ll put you in touch with Matt…

On another note, the photo above was taken from Matt’s Fickr page with a copyright sign on it, so I’m probably not supposed to have it on my blog… And I’ve made it a bit less yellow too – so Matt, switch to Creative Commons for your public photos if you can!


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