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Don’t forget! Bike and Kite festival on Saturday!

Just a quick reminder – the bike and kite festival (official page) starts tomorrow (Saturday June 14th & 15h) at 11am – 4pm. It should be a great day, the weather is looking not completely disastrous, although the BBC weather site seems to be getting less optimistic by the hour. An umbrella might be a wise accessory, along with a camera, so that you can send me a photo or two to brighten up the Bugle.

If you’ve got friends coming, tell them not to drive, as there is no parking laid on, and parking is a nightmare at the best of times in Blackheath (so much so that in my more anarchic moments I’ve considered posting a cut-out-and-keep fake parking permit especially for Bugle readers… maybe another time).

I’m personally looking forward to the news that:

Former UK Experienced Pair Champions: Husband and wife Allan and Marilyn Pothecary, also known as Close Encounters, will be demonstrating various exhibition displays.

Makes me smile for some reason. Did they used to be experienced, but they’re not any more? It must be some sort of kiting lingo that I’m not familiar with…

(The youtube clip isn’t me, just an example of the many youtube clips on kite flying in Blackheath).

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Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival coming soon

Kite photo for the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival

UPDATE: If you’re looking for info about the 2010 Bike and Kite Festival – please go to this page: Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival 2010.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for info about the 2009 Bike and Kite Festival – please go to this page: Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival 2009.

The Blackheath Bike and Kite festival looks like it should be a great event – it is happening over the weekend of 14th & 15th June, on the heath, and from Lewisham Council’s website, it looks like it will be free of charge. The bugle will be flying a kite (if permitted). In the meantime, some practice will be necessary. In other kite-related news, this blog post by M Johnson demonstrates attaching a mobile phone to a kite, and videoing the results! The bugle feels that this shows a high degree of trust in both the strength of the mobile phone, and skill of the kite flier… Not sure my “controlled landings” would be up to this…

Ariel kite photography has been a big thing on the web for a while- I remember reading about someone who built a camera timer based on an ice-cube and an elastic band – when the kite is in the air, the ice-cube melts, forcing a piece of wood to press the shutter on the camera (this back in 1999, before mobile phones and digital cameras were cheap as Blackheath fish & chips). Just found the page – it’s a bit dusty, but if you blow on it a bit, you should be able to find it behind this link.

If anyone has any examples of Blackheath ariel photography, please let me know!

The photo on this post is by Flickr user Ronnie44052 and is used under a Creative Commons license. And yes, that sky is far too blue to be in the UK.


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