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Hanging a Nokia Cameraphone from a kite in Blackheath

Last weekend, we tied an old mobile phone to a kite, and flew it on Blackheath!  Have a look at the youtube video above!

Hanging a Nokia mobile phone from a kite in Blackheath

This is something that I’ve wanted to try for about 10 years, but never had a camera that should shoot video, could take photos on a timer, or one that I wasn’t scared about dropping from a great height.

The results are not that wonderful, and certainly not a patch on this guy’s attempt.  But he had a much fancier cameraphone than mine, and gaffer tape, whilst we had to make do with elastic bands to hold the phone!

I think I need to try making a Picavet Suspension… Then maybe I can take Blackheath’s equivalent of this photo

San Francisco in ruin Kite aerial photo from wikipedia

Without the devastating earthquake beforehand, obviously (photo from 1906 in wikipedia)


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The Flying Doctor

Matt wrote in last night to tell me that:

The London Air Ambulance (HEMS) was on the heath at around half five, a bit east of Whitfield’s Mount. Where you normally get all the kite flyers. Just being your eyes on the ground!

A freak kiting accident?  Anyone know any more?

UPDATED: It seems it was a kite surfer who is now seriously ill in hospital… Apologies for the rather frivolous image posted earlier.


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