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“Blackheath Quarter”

As tweeted by Kidbrooke Kite today, and spotted yesterday – the luxurious new “Blackheath Quarter” is now on the market. Primarily in Hong Kong. Such an odd article!

There’s another Hong Kong based page about it here.

There’s a reference to Capital Plaza in the blurb, which according to this PDF, is located at SE3 9NF – google map here. Basically it looks as though a big field is being turned into yet more houses.

UPDATE: Not just the big field. It’s mostly about the Ferrier Estate being sold off to property developers. See here and here.


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Photos from the past

UPDATE: At the request of the people in question, I’ve removed the photos on this post.

Gill writes:

I run a small B&B in the Lake District and last week four lovely Chinese ladies from Hong Kong stayed with us. One of them told me she would love to find her aunt who used to live in Blackheath – did I know how she could find her? Unfortunately she doesn’t know her aunt’s surname – she married a western man named **** and she would be in her 60s now. He, or she, (or maybe both) may be a doctor. But, vitally, the last known address was ** Kidbrooke Grove, SE3 (sometime in the 80s).
Its a long shot but does anyone in Blackheath know of this lady or where she is now? I have a contact email address in Hong Kong for any info which I know would be very gratefully received.

In this week of grim news about the fascists going to Europe, it’s a nice story – somebody must know something about the mystery couple… Let me know and I’ll pass it on. Hope we have more luck than with the Travelcard!


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