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That explains the racket last night

India Jane and the Burglar Alarm
Signed stuck to the front of India Jane this morning, threatening to report them to Greenwich Noise Pollution. Somehow I didn’t mind as much when I could walk in there and pick up Existenz.


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Dear India Jane

Dear India Jane,
Whilst it looks like you do a lovely line in furniture I will never be able to afford, do you think you could hang on to the sign above the letterbox?  It would be a happy reminder of the movie rental shop that we knew and loved.  And you never know, maybe you’ll get some late returns… Thanks.


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Blackheath and India

Sir Henry Durand
I’m off to India for 3 weeks with work… So you are left in the very capable hands of Mrs Bugle during this time. Sorry for the lack of updates recently – been very busy planning the trip, not to mention weddings and things…

Unless we go very far off track, and across to Pakistan, then I probably won’t go as far as the rather depressing Durand Line, named after former Blackheath school-boy-resident Mortimer Durand, but you never know… Surely someone in Blackheath must have a history that isn’t steeped in colonial blood and misery?!

Anyway, any comments to the usual address will be read by Mrs Bugle for the next few weeks.
Photo from SuperClaire.com

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