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Interchange opportunities for Cannon Street passengers…

British Rail hat by flickr user Geshmally
I’ve always wondered what it was called… You know the sensation of squeezing through the enormous 1980s style public toilet that is London Bridge train station on a wet weekday morning at around 9am? Apparently it is an interchange opportunity. So now you know.

The Stop the Rail Cuts email elicited a response. Unfortunately, Mike is the Public Affairs manager, which presumably means he’s not actually in charge of the timetables. Unfortunately for me, I don’t actually use the DLR much, so won’t be making use of the additional interchange opportunities generously afforded to me at Greenwich and Lewisham stations.

As he pointed out at the end of his email, Southeastern is a wholly owned subsidiary of Govia Ltd, which is part of The Go-Ahead Group plc and Keolis. Which may sound like the tail-end of an advert for life-insurance, but is actually very instructive.

According to the FT, the Go-Ahead group paid out 81p per share as a dividend in the last 12 months. Which is wonderful if you own shares in the train companies, but not so great if you never get a damn seat on the train that you purchased a ticket for! Nationalise the lot of them… At least when it was BR it had some (albeit grim) sense of public service. Now it’s just a group of French shareholders squeezing each penny out of our sweaty overcrowded little palms.

Photo by flickr user Geshmally.  The full post has the email below. Continue reading


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