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The Village Barbers


It’s shearing time again, so this time I thought I’d try The Village Barbers. This is a much smaller, and less ostentatious looking place than Chandler Wright Hair, which I’ve been to in the past (and posted about at length). It has a much better view across the heath (it is up near The Bookshop on the Heath, and the Buenos Aires Cafe).

I have to say, I was very pleased – it is quite an old fashioned sort of place… It made me smile as some little boy was having his hair cut, amid constant reassurance from his mum, and the hairdresser that he was “doing really well” and “had nothing to worry about” (why is it that having your hair cut terrifies little kids so much? Maybe hair really are your aerials…)

It cost £15 instead of the £40 from the other place (I guess they have to pay for those Birds of Paradise flowers somehow), and most importantly, was thoroughly approved of by Mrs Bugle….

Contact info: 13 Royal Parade, London, SE3 0TL 020 8852 0771, or click on the map.


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The Guilty Hair Cut

Chandler Wright Hair in Blackheath is good.

It’s very good. They cut hair well.

They offer you drinks and newspapers.

They have a huge vase containing Bird of Paradise flowers tastefully displayed in the front window.

But they charge at least £40 for a man’s hair cut. I realise that this makes them no different to the majority of high street hairdressers around these days.

Maybe the Bugle is getting old, but he remembers when a haircut was done at a barbershop with a spinning red & white pole, and cost £4. Maybe I should try the other barbers in Blackheath?

The barbers on Tranquil Vale looks the part, but is it any good? Once you’ve found one that hasn’t been a disaster, it’s difficult to switch…


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