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Best Blackheath Fireworks Video…

Without doubt, the best video from the Blackheath Fireworks by Henry, below. Make sure you press the “HD” button, and watch on fullscreen.

It doesn’t need the music though! We need some binaural recordings with two little mics in your ears! Stick some headphones on, and listen to these binaural fireworks in Helsinki!

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Blackheath Fireworks photo gallery

Fireworks gallery by Tristan Wallace on Flickr
Great set of photos of the fireworks on Flickr by Tristan Wallace.

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Fireworks from the rooftop

Michael sent a link to this video of the Blackheath Fireworks, filmed from his rooftop.

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Transpontine, E. Nesbit, Blackheath and Fireworks

Fireworks being prepared on Blackheath by twitter user niponravel
Fireworks being prepared on Blackheath – photo by twitter user niponravel

Interesting piece by Transpontine on E. Nesbit (author of The Railway Children), who spent some time living in Blackheath.

Yet again I won’t seeing Blackheath’s fireworks. I’ve never seen them, as BugleDad’s birthday is this time of year. If anyone can think of a convincing argument for Blackheath’s fireworks over Epsom‘s, I’d love to hear it- god knows I’ve tried everything I can think of!

As simonj007 pointed out, there are expected to be 65,000 people at the Blackheath Fireworks, so best turn up early, and think of an ingenious exit strategy at the end! The council’s official page on the fireworks is here. It starts at 8pm.

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