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Momo morphs into Village Food & Wine?

Momo Franks Gone
As suggested by Ann, I had a look at the Blackheath Village Residents Group website, and sure enough, there is information about the fate of Momo Franks. A request has been made to Lewisham Council, to open a “Village Food & Wine” shop…. There’s nothing especially “villagey” about these shops, in the same way that Shepherd Foods doesn’t sell sheep, pasties and sheepdogs, and Cost Cutters really won’t cut your costs… It’s more of a convenience store – see the Greenwich one for an example:

If you had any strong feelings on the matter, and felt like telling Lewisham council, now is too late, as the closing date was 17th August. I’d have hoped that PlanningAlerts.com would have mentioned it, but perhaps I need to tweak my settings a litte.


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