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Fire on the heath!

Here are a couple of videos of the bushfire in Blackheath last Monday, on the corner of Maze Hill and Charlton Way. The video above is before the fire brigade arrived, and the one below is afterwards.

Many thanks to Rebecca who sent them in. She says that the fire brigade arrived just in time. It spread from about a meter square to this size in minutes.


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Blackheath Fireworks 2011

Map of Blackheath Roads Closed during Fireworks 2011

Lewisham council have added a page detailing which roads will be closed this year during the fireworks (which I have never seem – thanks Dad!)

Greenwich council are still being mean and refusing to fund the fireworks, as mentioned on 853blog a while back.

The fireworks display is on November 5th at 8pm, and admission is free.

Oh, and for some reason there’s a Blackheath Fireworks twitter account. It doesn’t do much except go “Whoosh” every so often (nothing wrong with that though). I’m guessing it’s not official, judging by the profile page


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Mini Cooper on fire

A mini cooper caught fire in the high street last night. Spotted by Twitter user @edlewisfrench.


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Answers to the name of Lucky…

The Fire Brigade had to be called to rescue a three-legged Staff terrier from the pond in South Row
Gill writes:

Dramatic Dog Rescue from Blackheath Pond

Last night (Monday 13 July) the Fire Brigade had to be called to rescue a three-legged Staff terrier from the pond in South Row. We just happened to be passing by at around ten past ten and heard this terrible howling.

We don’t know how the dog got in there, but because he has only one back leg he couldn’t get out again, due to the steep concrete side. Last seen, the dog was on a string lead, walking two firemen down to Lee Green fire station while the fire engine followed!

Perhaps someone knows who the dog’s owner is?

At least it wasn’t a three legged ferret

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