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Another farmers market

Farmers Market in Manor House Gardens
This Farmers Market happens on the first Saturday of each month (i.e today if you’re reading this on Saturday 4th Feb).
It’s smaller than the one in Blackheath station car park, but still good value. When I went, there was a fairly comprehensive vegetable stall, a nice bakery, meat and a pickle stall.
Google Map below:


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Lots more about the station car park

BVRG has a very detailed article about Lewisham Council’s previous responses to Network Rail’s suggestions of building high density housing on the car park.  If anyone can find Network Rail’s initial housing proposals, it would be interesting to see them…


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If the station car park closes, what happens to the farmers market?

UPDATE: Please see the bottom of this post for an update from Kevin.

From Blackheath Village Residents Group via an email from Kevin Bonavia:

Lease on Station Car Park Will Not Be Renewed

The Council’s lease on Blackheath Station car park has come to an end and Network Rail, the owners of the car park, do not intend to renew it. It is understood that Network Rail want to operate their own business from the site and although they are not saying what this is they have said that they intend to retain some sort of car parking facility. Network Rail also have a commitment to the arrangements that have been agreed for the Olympics.

More on their site. Being vigorously tweeted about by Kevin Bonavia and Heidi Alexander. No comment from Nick Raynsford, who is probably talking about housing somewhere. There are other issues Nick.

Hope they can get something sorted here. Otherwise Network Rail will may try to develop the car park, as they have done in other parts of the south east.

UPDATE: Better link to the mess of redevelopment at Epsom station that I was thinking of: Controversial Epsom Station regeneration given the green light from 2010

UPDATE: Here’s a reply from Kevin Bonavia:

Here’s an update following a number of enquiries to Network Rail about their intentions and to Council officers about Council policy towards use of the site.

Network Rail (via their property department) have informed our MP, Heidi Alexander:

“I would like to confirm that the Blackheath Station Car Park will remain in its current use once the lease with Lewisham Council comes to an end. It will however be necessary for there to be restrictions during the Olympic period due to Blackheath being a designated station for transport to the Olympic Park.”

So far so good. I understand that Network Rail will shortly be meeting Lewisham’s Director of Property to discuss more details, and I have asked for more information about potential changes to the operation of the car park, such as parking charges and any effect on the farmers’ market.

In the meantime, the Council’s approach to the use of the car park is very clear. In 2005, the Council undertook a survey of sites that could potentially be used for more housing as part of Lewisham’s obligations under the London Plan. In the case of the Blackheath Station car park, Network Rail submitted that the site would be suitable for high density housing with a decked car park. The Council, however, decided not to place the site on the list for potential new housing stating:

“Although this site is close to a rail station and therefore in a highly sustainable location it was considered that in this case the preservation or enhancement of the Conservation Area at Blackheath took precedence. It was considered that a development of this density and pattern would not conform to the historic pattern of development within the area and would form an intrusive element that could not preserve or enhance its character. The loss of the car park additionally would not preserve the village character of the Blackheath Conservation Area by removing the Farmer’s market site, and the possibility of parking in the centre of the village.”

Network Rail should be aware of this, but it’s worth reminding them in case there’s a change of heart…


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Farmers Market tips

Blackheath Farmers Market tips
Mrs Bugle’s credit friendly, handy tip sheet detailing what to buy where, but with scribbled handwriting replaced! (Seasonal mileage may vary).


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Photos and videos from the Pancake race

Video posted by Henry, earlier today.. My video finally finished uploading to Vimeo, but took ages due to the piece of damp string we use as an internet connection.
Here it is

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Pancake Races at the Blackheath Farmers Market

Pancake by flickr user PSD

As spotted by Twitter user Moderateorgood, there will be a pancake race at the Blackheath Farmers Market on Sunday 22nd February starting at 12:20-14:00.

There’s a good poster for it here, although I hope they don’t get sued by the Olympic committee for daring to use their corporate name in vain! As mentioned before, the Farmers Market is exactly the sort of thing that should be encouraged – it’s cheaper than Sainsbury’s, better for you, and the planet too..

A recipe for pancakes can be found on the London Farmer’s Market website.

Photo by Flickr user PSD

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The Soundtrack to your Sundays

Saxophonist busker playing his sax outside Blackheath Station on a Sunday. Photo by Flickr user Julie70.

You can hear him now, honking on his saxophone, echoing through the streets of Blackheath on a Sunday.  The farmers market customers walking past, and dropping coins in appreciation.  I spotted this photo on Flickr, as it was tagged Blackheath.  What I didn’t realise what that Flickr user Julie70 is also a prolific blogger, documenting her time since moving to in London in the blog Life in London After 70.  Somehow she manages to write nine other blogs, mostly in French.

She also has a nice post about Blackheath here.


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If you’re going to the farmers market tomorrow…

Blackheath Farmers Market

A hot tip…   They have a mysterious vegetable known as Purslane in season at the moment.  I’d never had it before, and didn’t know anything about it, but according to The Smallest Kitchen (a food blog based in Blackheath), it is very easy to prepare, and (I can confirm) is delicious.

It has several other names, which where clearly dreamt up before any Marketing Departments had an opportunity to finesse them: “Pigweed” and “Little Hogweed” don’t give off quite the right image….

I can’t really describe the taste – it is a little bit like fresh baby spinach leaves, but a bit more substantial – anyway, have a read of the recipe, and if you head down to the station car park tomorrow, pick some up and give it a try.

If you find any other unusual forgotten vegetables there, please let me know!


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Blackheath Farmers Market

Blackheath Farmers Market

I’d been meaning to write a post about the farmers market for a while, but a post on boingboing reminded me. It is a talk by Michael Pollan, and American journalist writing about the American diet (and Western diets in general). It is very funny, and makes some great points about how to eat well, and how to avoid illness through good food.

Watch it if you have time. If not, I’ll sum it up – go to Blackheath Farmers Market on Sundays! A great quote:

Whenever you go to the supermarket, imagine that you great-grandmother is accompanying you. If she doesn’t recognise what you are buying as food, then don’t buy it.

Your great-grandmother (I imagine) would be delighted with the farmers market. It is held every Sunday from 10am-2pm in Blackheath Station Car Park. There are delicious breads (the rosemary bread is the best), a weird and wonderful mushroom stall, general fresh veg stalls, eggs, butter, yoghurt, milk, chickens – all ready to cook and be eaten. It’s not cheap, but if you only buy what you need it is well worth it.

If you need any more convincing that farmers markets are the way to go – then try “Not on the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate” by Felicity Lawrence.

When you’ve bought your food, you could try one of these lovely recipes.

Photos taken by flickr user Luz-del-la-luna, used under a creative commons license. And I think it should be “farmers’ market”, but it looks like a mouthful…


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