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Blackheath Festival – leaflets appearing

Anti OnBlackheath music festival leaflet
Just received a copy of a leaflet that is being delivered near to the festival:

Why we are asking you to write to your MP about the OnBIackheath Festival due to be held very near here in September

Dear Neighbour,
We live nearby – at the top of Lewisham Hill, and are writing to you as neighbours. We don’t belong to any group.

On the 10th and 11th September a company cailed NIMBY Events are planning to hold a festival on the same part of the Heath that was used forthe Climate Camp last year.

There is nothing wrong with people having fun, or people making money.

But, festival organisers usuaily try to avoid disrupting local residents, especially young children. Like you, we live here and we think that the views of local peopie should be considered.

We are concemed about the OnBlackheath Festival for the following reasons:

  • It is being held in the first two weeks of the new September school term – keeping nursery and primary school children awake when they need to be resting for school
  • The event is licensed all weekend for all-day drinking until 10.30pm on Sunday night
  • Once the music and drinking stops, late on Sunday night, up to 25,000 people will be encouraged to head down Lewisham Hill to the station. Many will presumably hang around until later.

We do not have assurance that the organisers will have managed to clean up by the next momlng, when children walk across the heath to get to school. At other festivals it is not unknown for broken bottles, drug paraphernalia and other detritus to be found the next day.

The reason we’re writing to you is that the alcohol licence – which was granted for this and every subsequent year – has been challenged in court, and the festival might also need ministerial approval. So there is a short window of opportunity between now and the hearing on April for local people to make their views known. This may make all the difference, as the local MP, Heidi Alexander, says the letters she has received so far have been roughly half in favour, half against.

At the recent public meeting we asked the organisers if they would consider moving the Festival out of school term time to the summer holidays. They said no, because it might reduce attendance numbers.

You can email Heidi Alexander MP, at heidi.alexander.mp@parliament.uk or write to her at Heidi Alexander, MP for Lewisham East, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

The best way of making your views known directly to the licensing appeal is to write to the magistrates at the following address: The Presiding Judge, Reg Case No: 011003910186, Greenwich Magistrates Court, The Court House, London Rd, Bromley, BR1 1RA

If you can, please do it before 15th April while there is still chance to influence the decision.

Thank you,
Simon and Abigail, local residents (simonandabigail at gmail.com)

It will be interesting to see how this plays out… I suspect the festival will go ahead regardless.


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NIMBY Events – connected with school chairs?

“Don’t Lean Back”, a company that sells school chairs that (you’ve guessed it) don’t lean back, is registered to the same address as Nimby events.  Interestingly, the founder of the chair company was also a school teacher.  Guess where?  In Blackheath.

Chair that keeps its feet on the ground – The Times Feb 18th 2008

Tom Wates has taken orders from 18 schools since launching his product three weeks ago. “I’ve had orders from Glasgow to Belfast, Cornwall to London,” he said. “It seems that it’s a problem that touches everyone.”

Mr Wates, who gave up his job teaching maths and PE in Blackheath, southeast London, last year, said that he was “driven mad” by his students rocking back and forth, and often falling off their chairs. “It was something I was saying as much as I was asking children to be quiet. I couldn’t do anything about them talking, but I figured that I could stop this.”

Coincidence? Maybe he’ll get his (almost) namesake to play at the festival…

UPDATE: Photo of Tom Wates and the chair here.


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Things to do at Climate Camp on Monday

Tripods at the climate camp, Blackheath by flickr user Bagelmouse

Here are my suggestions if you fancy attending a workshop at the climate camp today.  More ideas here.

Future Scenarios: Science, Permaculture and Economics
London, 10:30-11:30
Exploring future scenarios in the context of climate change. Various futures as predicted through three lenses: science, permaculture and economics. Based on the work of Six Degrees author Mark Lynas, permaculturalist David Holmgren, eco-economist Herman Daly as illustrated by artists for the travelling exhibition: Futures Scenarios.

David Fleming: is economics without growth possible?
Space 9, 14:30-16:00
It is widely agreed that our economy cannot continue to grow indefinitely. Environmental damage and resource depletion will see to that. And yet, if growth were to be halted, then the economy would be destroyed in another way: it is a dynamic system which (like a bicycle) depends on forward movement to maintain its stability. This is the growth curse. The market economy is damned if it grows, and damned if it doesn’t. There are solutions to this, but they are very difficult ones, extending far beyond a reform of the financial system. The workshop will explore them. David Fleming is an economist, inventor of Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs), and author of Lean Logic: The Empowerment Dictionary (forthcoming).

Bike Maintenance for kids
Kids’ Space, 14:30-16:00
Learn some basic bike maintenance skills.

Training: How to use tripods
Field, 16:30-18:30
Learn how to climb a tripod – an iconic symbol of the camp for climate action, and handy for securing occupations and blockades.

The “Economics without Growth” one looks particularly interesting, and isn’t just some angry protester shouting about injustices in the world, but is a respected academic talking about his suggestions as to how to fix things.

Photo by Flickr user Bagelmouse

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Things to do at the Blackheath Climate Camp

Climate Change Blackheath Blackboard Map
How exciting… Just been up to the camp to see what was going on. Such a nice atmosphere.
Below is a list of all their activities for the coming few days.  Some of them look really interesting (“How to climb a tripod” sounds like fun, the “home compost and wormery demo” sounds educational – as the former owner of a disastrous wormery perhaps I should attend…  And “DIY Wind Power: Building our own generators” sounds fascinating.

But some of them sounds really awful – “Singing to Mourn, to Celebrate and to Resist”, “Interactive Theatre on Climate Justice”, “Wooden Pencil Meditation” sound like something Edwina and Patsy might have dreamt up…

Anyway, judge for yourself – it’s all yours to go and investigate Blackheath!  See below for all the info

(The cryptic codes (such as MM = Main Marquee) correspond to various tents – see the photo above).
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Little cars buzzing around on the heath

Considerably less serene than model boats on the pond, I spotted this YouTube video filmed on Blackheath the other day. I’m less keen on this, but part of me thinks that it is in keeping with the slightly anarchic nature of the heath – it might not be highway robbers any more, just a load of teenagers with remote control cars zooming around like angry insects!

Anyway, if you want to join their “bashes”, they’ve got a forum, where you can find out about upcoming events, and all about remote control cars.

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Don’t Forget – Golfing on the Heath Today

Golf on Blackheath

Just a quick reminder – today from 8am to 5pm, the heath will be closed to allow a re-enactment of the 5-hole game of golf first played on Blackheath in the 1600s. There’s a little more info here.

There’s an area for free golf training for kids, Shepherd Neame will be setting up a refreshment tent, and we are assured of TV coverage, whatever that means!  The bugle is attending a wedding, so can’t make it, but will search the web for photos etc after the event – please let me know how it goes!

Photo from the Lewisham Heritage’s Public Gallery.


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Blackheath Closed – for golfing?

Golf on Blackheath

Now, the Bugle knows nothing about golf (apparently this doesn’t count), and it may or may not be a terrible way to ruin a good walk, however on Sunday 6th July, the heath will be closed to allow a re-enactment of the 5-hole game of golf first played on Blackheath in the 1600s. There’s a little more info here.

Although the site says that the council have agreed to “close the heath”, it also says that “the public are invited to enjoy this spectacular event on the heath”, and that Shepherd Neame will be setting up a refreshment tent.

Photo from the Lewisham Heritage’s Public Gallery.

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