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Is that it?

We have finally bought a flat, after years of renting right in the heart of the village (in a top secret location). It’s still just about in Blackheath.

Having been surrounded by a sector of retail that I’d never had to go anywhere near until the last few months – visiting the ever expanding Estate Agents of Blackheath was a strange sensation. So here’s a completely non-scientific survey:

Winkworth – Helpful, good for renting, but didn’t quite manage to find the place we were looking for. They found us our first rented flat in Blackheath, and we were very happy with it.

Felicity J Lord: Didn’t seem that interested in helping two completely helpless newbies in starting their way out on the journey. Felt like we couldn’t afford anything in there, but were probably just daunted by the process of buying a flat.

Kinleigh Folkard and Howard (KFH): Worked very hard to find us a place, including one that I’m totally convinced was actually haunted. Felt incredibly bad when we ended up buying a place with someone else, as they had showed us more properties than anyone else. I think they thought we were freaks. They may have had a point.

Foxtons: Ha! We’d just looked at a flat in Ryculff Square (near the PoW pub), offered by KFH. Then we looked at one next door, being sold by Foxtons. The Foxtons one was £20,000 more. It had a freshly painted front door, and some iron railings in front. Everything else was comparable. We didn’t go back.

Comber & Co: Rented us our second dodgy flat, promised a load of work that was never done. Implied that they would be more involved with the management of the property, then were uncontactable as soon as the contract was signed. As a result, we couldn’t bring ourselves to even look into their shop when trying to purchase a place.

Humphreys Skitt: Showed us one place that we totally fell in love with, but then started a bidding war between buyers, pushing it well over the asking price, and over what we felt it was worth. Left a bad taste, so we avoided after that.

John Payne: Well, we purchased our flat from them. Really not convinced that they added any value to the process. The estate agent got my name wrong twice. And slammed the phone down on me when we had a disagreement. Buying a mobile phone for £15 per month would require better behaviour… And yet, they won our business.

Which leads me to this great post about Makers not Takers:

If you’re making money from other people’s ideas, without creating anything, you’re accruing a debt. You’re a sinkhole in the system, into which value flows without any commensurate output. That’s not entrepreneurship, and if you even think it’s a business, then I have a queasy feeling about you. I imagine that your handshake is probably slippery.

Clearly this quote has nothing to do with Blackheath, but when you look at the estate agents encroaching on every part of the village, and then look at the real “Makers” of the village – Black Vanilla, Hand Made Foods, The Bookshop on the Heath, Buenos Aires Cafe, etc., I think you get the point. Be a maker, not a taker.


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Foxtons mini parking in disabled space

Foxtons parking in disabled spaces

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, it appears that this photo was taken in 2007.

Photo showing Foxtons mini clearly parking in the disabled space outside the Post Office. I guess it’s possible that the Foxtons employee is disabled, and was just nipping to the post office. Anyone know? The concerns raised in the leaflet from a few months ago about their lack of parking spaces appear to be valid.

Also pointed out in the email:

Greenwich Council don’t allow businesses in Blackheath to have internally illuminated fascias. They don’t have permission to use illuminated outdoor signage. Foxtons seem to be ignoring that.

They’re also ignoring the fact that they don’t have permission to trade at weekends as per their planning consent agreement.

You stay classy, Foxtons.

Original photo below (with the other car numberplate obscured):
Foxtons parking in disabled space in Blackheath


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Foxtons will sell your house for free!

Yeah right. Did anyone else receive these leaflets? They’ll also get planning permission to open yet another estate agents in Blackheath, despite 135 local residents opposing it.

Then they’ll send letters to your children offering to sell their houses, as Kate pointed out:

My 18 year old daughter, still at school, received a letter today from the yet unopened Blackheath branch of Foxtons estate agents asking her if she wished to sell her home. The only problem being that she does not own it. Has anyone else received misguided communications from Foxtons, is this a new scam to try to persuade teenagers to sell their parents homes from underneath them. I’d be interested to hear. Should we be worried?

Brilliant! I’d be more concerned about an estate agent that thinks an alcohol free bar inside their shop is a good idea… Oh, and this from 2006. I’m sure they’re better now


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Spamtastic Alex Neil

Alex Neil estate agents, well known for having the most spammy internet marketing, have really out-done themselves with this one: Don’t click, it only encourages them…

I’m not sure that the mechanical turker who wrote this has ever actually been to Blackheath:

Blackheath has always acquired an atmosphere of mystery.

To Alex Neil Estate Agents, unquestionably…

Since virtually any Estate Agent SE3 would know, for countless years the region purported as the ultimate resting place connected with many of those that perished in the Black Death plague. Re

Not sure what the “Re” stands for… Oh, and, even if a region could purport, no they didn’t.

The SE3 post code area possesses unique variations of property or home available for investors.

Note that the variations themselves are unique, not the properties or homes.

By far the most famous and then the most in demand is generally the large Victorian family homes. These kinds of homes, normally set in a good size gardens, appear to sum up this suburb perfectly. Victorian residences generally have larger rooms than the modern-day within the very same price range, with higher ceilings and also fine original characteristics, they’re experienced as a house for a lifetime rather than quick investment property.

House for a lifetime. Not chopped up into little flats… Oh no, that never happens.

Almost all the village’s properties, be they new-build or even Victorian, benefit from their closeness to possibly the areas most well-known asset – the actual heath itself. Placed in the centre of the village, this heath gives residents an open green space that other regions would battle to match up.

The heath isn’t at the centre of the village. It’s north of the village. But you’re only an estate agent trying to sell houses here, why should you be expected to know a thing like that?

In times gone by when free, general public space appeared to be unusual, Blackheath must have been a magnet for all those wanting to get away from the cramped East End conditions.

Yes, in times gone by London was well known for its urban sprawl. These days the city is a rural idyll…

Nowadays, it’s great for the pram and also buggy brigade that’s migrated within the location recently.

The brigade have migrated within Blackheath?

Blackheath Estate Agents are familiar with the reputation their vicinity has with regard to these kinds of lavish houses and also grander open public spots. Recently, property developers have was able to persuade council planning officials on the requirement for much less lavish property.

I think that last non-sentence has was actually made is making my eyes bleeding.

Subsequently a number of the old Georgian and Victorian buildings are already separated into flats.

But earlier you said that they weren’t chopped into flats… And you changed tenses mid-sentence…

This, along with a amount of recently constructed apartment blocks, has diversified the actual area’s property offering.

A amount of my soul just died whilst watching the way that you use apostrophe’s.

As you would expect, this has prompted an extremely distinct inflow into the vicinity when compared to the family house market place.

As the inflow inflowed into the vicinity, he could not hesitate to be amazed by its very distinctiveness…

Quite a few young professionals see here as an affordable alternative to pricey Greenwich.

Er, no. Quite a few young professionals are crapping themselves about how they’ll ever afford to buy a shoe-box anywhere in Blackheath or Greenwich.

Blackheath is always certainly one of London’s most-loved villages.

Go on, I’ll give you that one.

Reachable from most of the main motorways coming down the East of England and into Kent, and close to the centre of London by several transport means, it gives a terrific property investment opportunity. Be it family home or maybe Pied a Terre, this vicinity will certainly suit your changing property or home and lifestyle needs throughout the years.

Blah blah

Alex Neil Estate Agents are one of the largest and most successful independent Agencies in South East London. Be sure to see how we can help you Buy a property in SE3 Estate Agent SE3

Alex Neil spam SE3 SE3 spam spam spam, Britney Spears, Houses, Flats, Barf, Distinctive Inflow, I thought the internet was actually for words, etc, etc…


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Bright Lights, Big City

39 Tranquil Vale Planning Request

Noticed this planning application for an “externally illuminated fascia” on my travels the other day.

Tuck's Corner, Blackheath, estate agents

It is proposed for the estate agency on the corner of Tranquil Vale and Blackheath Village (the high street), which I think used to be known as Tuck’s Corner. You can see the full proposal here (if the link still works, and if it doesn’t, then do a search here for reference DC/08/69555/FT ).

At least it is externally illuminated, so I guess it won’t look like a Chicken Cottage.

Anyway, if you have strong feelings about this (or any other proposal), you can tell your local planning officer.  The email address is planning@lewisham.gov.uk and quote the reference DC/08/69555/FT.

The Westcombe Society also operates an excellent blog, noting all the latest planning proposals in the area.


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Peculiar little estate agents hut to be turned into disabled lift?

Will the little shop on the left be turned into a disabled lift?

A while back, when leaving the station, I noticed a planning permission form tied to the pedestrian crossing. It was a planning request to turn the funny little booth that currently houses “The Blackheath Property Company” into a lift, in order to make it easier for disabled people to get down to platform 1 (towards London).

Blackheath Property Company hutFor a while, it looked as though they were shutting up shop, but now they seem to be back again – does anyone know if this conversion is going ahead?


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