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Electric cars that can’t be plugged in…

Since the mysterious addition to the car park in September last year, it seems that the electric vehicle charging point hasn’t been getting a lot of action:

Is year of the electric car driving to a dead end?

Take the example of the London borough of Lewisham (pictured) where the council has put in a dual charging point only to hastily remove it over a ‘hiccup’.

The council, through a contractor, placed the charging point on the wrong side of a car park in the busy shopping area of Blackheath in south London – away from the electricity supply.

About two months ago the point was originally installed with markings reserving one space next to it for an electric car.

However, today while the charging point has been moved to the other side of the car park to get power – the reserved parking signage has not.

Sounds like a bit of a cock-up, but nothing that can’t be resolved with some paint-stripper and a can of brilliant white… Has anyone actually seen a car being charged in the car park?


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She’s Electric

PowerPod in Blackheath for electric car charging

There’s a mysterious addition to the car park. Looming at the back, near the payment machine, is a PodPoint. Despite looking like a Cylon, it’s actually a docking point for electric vehicles. The scheme costs £50 to join, but the electricity is free (at the moment).

Much like the BorisBikes, there is a live map, showing whether the points are available, in use, or broken:

Unlike the BorisBikes, there’s actually one in Blackheath! So, my question is – has anyone used one? Does anyone in Blackheath own an electric car? How is it?
podpoint close up in Blackheath

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