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Dear India Jane

Dear India Jane,
Whilst it looks like you do a lovely line in furniture I will never be able to afford, do you think you could hang on to the sign above the letterbox?  It would be a happy reminder of the movie rental shop that we knew and loved.  And you never know, maybe you’ll get some late returns… Thanks.


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Prime Time DVD in Blackheath goes White…

So, thanks to PlanningAlerts.com we can see that the Strangest and Best DVD shop in the world is to become The White Stuff – here’s the planning permission PDF.  A shop (and I quote the Financial Times): “…aimed at trendy working mothers”.  Bad news for people who like films…  And probably very bad news for Sisters and Daughters, who are  in a similar vein.  In fact, so are half the clothes shops in the area, really…  According to an article in the Guardian, The White Stuff is “a lifestyle brand“.  Yawn.

The Google Streetview above shows the branch in Lordship Lane, SE22.


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Prime Time Closing Down: Mobbed

Prime Time video busy in Blackheath
I’ve just been into PrimeTime. It is absolutely mobbed with people grabbing all of their DVDs. It’s not even that much of a bargain- each disc has a coloured sticker that determines its fate. I asked when it was due to close -“when it’s all gone”. I also asked what was going to replace it – “well, I don’t think it will be a DVD shop”. My shopping bag was full of all the films I’d intended to watch everytime I’d wandered in there. It’s a real shame. I guess the onward march of Internet rentals will offer more choice eventually, but it’s not the same. It was a great place. Maybe the Travel Lounge will become the Film Lounge? I doubt it somehow.


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Prime Time Going?

Prime Time DVD Shop Closing Down Sale Blackheath
I hope this is a typo. Wandered back home last night to see “Closing Down Sale” signs plastered all over the strangest and best movie shop in the world. This could be disastrous. I even cancelled our LoveFilm subscription on the basis that poking around Prime Time’s dusty shelves was more fun than waiting for a film that you didn’t care about to land on the doormat. Perhaps it’s just a renovation? I’ll find out more.


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The Blackheath Poisonings

the Blackheath Poisonings DVD

Sounds like a wonderful dramatic romp, and has just appeared here:

I’ve only skimmed through the first episode, although I know the Greenwich Phantom reviewed it a while back. I didn’t see much of Blackheath in the parts I watched, just a load of wobbly looking sets (a little bit of Greenwich Park appeared during the first episode). If anyone’s seen it, and enjoyed it please let me know – I’m afraid it looked a little hammy for me!

It’s based upon this book: The Blackheath Poisonings: A Victorian Murder Mystery. If you want to get the full series, you can get hold of the DVD here: Masterpiece Theatre: The Blackheath Poisonings [1992] (REGION 1) (NTSC)

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