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The Umbrella People

No Day Is So Bad by Flickr user B Tal

To the couple waiting for the 7:12 to Charing Cross at Blackheath Station…  It had been raining, and it was really windy…

Umbrella dumped at Blackheath Station

They threw their umbrella on to the grass verge, because it had turned inside out.  No need to keep it with them, or find a waste bin.

I’ve seen the people who give up their weekends so that “professional couples” like this can litter their own public spaces.  Stupid suit-wearing troglodytes.

Of course, I didn’t actually say that.  I said “Someone’s got to tidy that up, you know”, and the response was “shut yer face”.  England prevails.  Though sometimes I wish it didn’t.

Non-Blackheath photo by Flickr user B Tal.


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To cycle or not to cycle?

TfL cycle map from Blackheath to Covent Garden
Is it realistic to think about cycling from Blackheath to Central London (near Covent Garden)?  I only wondered, because I really should find a good source of exercise, and TfL’s site appears to suggest a route, but it looks like it might take ages… Also, I’m a bit rusty and slightly concerned about getting knocked off my bike!

But I like the idea of going through the tunnel under the Thames to get to work.  Does anyone else do this?  Is there a quiet route – please send me a Google Map!


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