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Feeling shirty

Blackheath Bugle tshirt
After seeing the Streatham Pulse blog, I noticed that they are offering lovely t-shirts (particularly like the Streatham Airlines one). So I’ve created a Blackheath Bugle t-shirt. It’s very subtle, with no silly text, only using the banner at the top of this blog. Anyway, if you fancy one, it’s a tenner (I make a whopping £1.09 profit apparently). Can’t say fairer than that guv’nor.


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Prime Time DVD in Blackheath goes White…

So, thanks to PlanningAlerts.com we can see that the Strangest and Best DVD shop in the world is to become The White Stuff – here’s the planning permission PDF.  A shop (and I quote the Financial Times): “…aimed at trendy working mothers”.  Bad news for people who like films…  And probably very bad news for Sisters and Daughters, who are  in a similar vein.  In fact, so are half the clothes shops in the area, really…  According to an article in the Guardian, The White Stuff is “a lifestyle brand“.  Yawn.

The Google Streetview above shows the branch in Lordship Lane, SE22.


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