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Clockwork to cufflinks

An interesting blog post from Simon Carter, the upmarket menswear shop that is going to replace Black’s the jewellers in Blackheath.

…we’re opening a new store in Blackheath. This is an even more prosperous and leafy London suburb than Crystal palace. I’d passed by the site dozens of times; a long standing jewellers in a prime location just down from the station, on the main drag. When I saw the ‘To Let’ sign, I moved so fast I blurred. Beating other retailers off with a stick, and having to raise our offer twice, we finally secured it earlier this month.

The shop dates from around 1870 and retains the original frontage, right down to the curved glass windows, tessellated entrance floor and foxed Victorian mirrors above the doorway. Inside, there’s much to be done. The nineteenth century tongue and groove ceiling remains in place under a 1980’s shopfit. There’s a glorious wood panelled light well at the back, and once we start stripping out the previous generations of fixtures, more will be revealed.

From their website, they also sell watches, so some continuity from that perspective. The owner of the shop goes by the twitter name @kingofcufflinks. Lots of changes coming to the high street over the next few weeks I think…

(Thanks to Rob for spotting the post)


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Feeling shirty

Blackheath Bugle tshirt
After seeing the Streatham Pulse blog, I noticed that they are offering lovely t-shirts (particularly like the Streatham Airlines one). So I’ve created a Blackheath Bugle t-shirt. It’s very subtle, with no silly text, only using the banner at the top of this blog. Anyway, if you fancy one, it’s a tenner (I make a whopping £1.09 profit apparently). Can’t say fairer than that guv’nor.


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Prime Time DVD in Blackheath goes White…

So, thanks to PlanningAlerts.com we can see that the Strangest and Best DVD shop in the world is to become The White Stuff – here’s the planning permission PDF.  A shop (and I quote the Financial Times): “…aimed at trendy working mothers”.  Bad news for people who like films…  And probably very bad news for Sisters and Daughters, who are  in a similar vein.  In fact, so are half the clothes shops in the area, really…  According to an article in the Guardian, The White Stuff is “a lifestyle brand“.  Yawn.

The Google Streetview above shows the branch in Lordship Lane, SE22.


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Handmade and Vintage

Blackheath Handmade and Vintage Shopping Evening
Sacha says:

I wondered if you might be interested in putting something on your site about a fund raising evening I am organising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The event is the Blackheath Handmade & Vintage Shopping Evening on 3rd December. There will be local designers and craftspeople, and independent traders to selling gifts for Christmas. It is going to be held in St Michael’s Church Hall, Pond Road.

It’s from 6-9pm and entrance is £5. Not the first time vintage clothes have appeared on this blog!


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Live Mannequins Being Used in Blackheath Shops

Well it’s either a dog, or a very convincing robot. I didn’t think The Union did a range of studded dog collars…

I would give you a link to the shop, but they don’t seem to have a website… From Googling around, I can tell you their details though: 20 Montpelier Vale, London, SE3 0TA, Telephone 020 88524722.

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