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What happens in Hyde Park could happen in Greenwich

Great article in the New Statesman explaining how the Royal Parks are actively destroying charity social capital and more:

What the Royal Parks is doing to a charity softball league should matter to us all

Instead of the charity workers having free access to the Old Football Pitches, they will have to pay a total of an estimated £6,000 each summer, and if the charges are not paid then the police will be called. These charges are supposedly for the “management” of the space, but nothing has actually been done to improve the Old Football Pitches. The only change is that there are now charges when there were no charges before.

Does this part sound familiar?

This is part of a trend. Hyde Park, like many other public spaces, is now shifting into becoming a “venue” and usage is becoming a revenue stream. What are public goods are being turned slowly into private goods: you will get what you pay for. The deputy chief executive of the Royal Parks even assured the charity softball players at a recent meeting that one often only appreciates something if it is paid for.

Disgraceful. There’s a petition here.


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Orangutans in Blackheath

Orang-utan outside Sainsbury's in Greenwich

If you’ve seen an orangutan in Blackheath, it’s probably because Daniel, a Blackheath local, has been dressing up, and lurking outside Sainsbury’s, trying to raise funds to conserve them.  I just hope he didn’t have to take a 108 bus full of school kids…  He writes:

Volunteers for the Great Orang-utan Project do not receive any form of funding, and are therefore required to raise the entire amount. The basic cost of the project is £1599 per volunteer, making the total cost £3198. This excludes insurance, flights and other expenses.
The cost of the project contributes to conservation projects made by the wildlife centre, and helps to employ experts, train locals and improve the conservation efforts through education and research programmes.

So far, as a result of our fundraising we have managed to raise £327 towards our target. Sainsburys Greenwich showed their support by allowing us to use the entrance of their store to collect from the public on Saturday 18th October. The day was a huge success, having donned an Orangutan suit for the entire day we managed to raise £260.21! We also received a personal donation of £25 from our local MEP. The rest of the funds were made up from car boot sales and on-line auctions.

We are currently appealing to all local business, individuals and Associations for help in any way. Whether it be a monetary donation, a fund-raising event,  donating stock or unwanted gifts that we can be auctioned on-line,  anything that can help us take one step closer to achieving our target.
Soon we will also be opening an account on the website www.auctionofpromises.com which allows people to donate a promise or item (like the promise of the use of a Rolls Royce for the day for example) and people bid for that promise.

If possible we would like to highlight that if anybody would like further information or feels they can help us achieve our target, they should contact us via the following e-mail: orangutan-rehab@hotmail.co.uk

It looks like an interesting project, and whilst the animals aren’t in Blackheath, the fund raising is, so if you can help out, please drop them email to find out more.

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The definitive route for the Race for Life last weekend

OK, I promise this will be last post about the race for life at Blackheath for a while. 

google earth - flyby

Flickr user Mac Morrison has posted a very cool shot of the race route across Blackheath.  Many people came to the Bugle looking for the correct route – sorry I couldn’t pin it down beforehand, but it’s very nice to be able to see the route like this. 

I’m guessing it was created by carrying a GPS during the race.

There are loads of other race shots here, and loads of youtube vids of various runners.

Some of the comments on the other posts have been very poignant, and it was shocking to see how many people are affected by cancer in some form.

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Race For Life Blackheath – Photos and Video

I was wrong about the weather – it was a lovely morning!  Apparently it was the largest Race for Life in the UK. They said they’d raised more than £1 million. Video showing the beginning of the race. Interesting that there was a company handing out antiperspirants, given the persistent rumours about whether they contribute to certain types of cancer.


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5 things about the Blackheath Race for Life 2008

Race For Life

  1. The route isn’t set yet – they decide it on the day, in case of fallen trees etc.    You’d be amazed how many people are googling “What is the Race for Life route?”, and ending up here.
  2. If you don’t stretch before and after, you’ll have aching legs afterwards…  Apparently, if you turn up at 09:30am, there will be groups carrying out stretching excercises together.
  3. You don’t have to run, you can jog or walk if you don’t feel up to it.
  4. You can bring along unwanted clothes, books and DVDs to donate to their stores too.
  5. Your supporters might want to bring an umbrella.  BBC Weather for Blackeath says overcast and dry at the moment, but it feels like it might rain to me…

The Race for Life is happening on Blackheath Common in aid of Cancer Research.  It is on Sunday 13th July 2008, and starts at 10:30am.  You can donate here .  Starting point mapped here.

Bizarre photo of painted chewing gum by flickr user salimfadhley.

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Race for Life

Race For Life Blackheath 1

There is a Race for Life happening on Blackheath Common in aid of Cancer Research.  The event is on Sunday 13th July 2008, and starts at 10:30am.  You don’t have to run it – you can jog or stumble if you prefer.  (Mrs Bugle is taking part, and will be striding athletically throughout of course…)

There’s still time to enter if you’re feeling sporty, or if you only run when being chased, you can always donate instead.  Starting point mapped here.

Photos of 2005’s event, taken by zimpenfish

Race For Life Blackheath 2


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Films at the Reminiscence Centre

I’d been meaning to write about the Reminiscence Centre for a while now. This is a little gem opposite the station.

The Reminiscence Centre, Blackheath

It is part of a charity that was set up to help elderly people deal with dementia and memory loss, and improving the quality of life for older people who may be at risk of social exclusion. I’m guessing that social exclusion is modern-speak for loneliness. Anyway, it’s a great idea, and is really nicely presented, as a shop from the 1930s with thousands of little pieces of memorabilia hidden away in sets of drawers, as well as a tea room and garden at the back.

I’m sure that if they set up a table or two at the front of the shop, their custom would increase dramatically, but driving in customers is not their main focus.

The Old Bakehouse, Backheath

Behind the garden, there is a large building called The Old Bakehouse, which is used as a kind of community centre, theatre, and cinema. They are running a series of talks on Friday afternoons at 2pm about classic films, actors, and genres. It costs £3, including tea and cake.

  • Friday 23rd May – British Documentaries
  • Friday 20th June – The Films of Peter Sellers

I think it’s a great idea, and very in keeping with the traditions that were set up around the Art Club, and Literary Society that have since disappeared from Blackheath.


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