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Morris Dancing in Blackheath

The Bugle has packed up his suitcase (excessively over-stuffed by Mrs Bugle) and thumped it down every one of the steps towards the London-bound platform for the last time before Christmas. I’m starting to wish that the proposed station lift had appeared.

If you’re in Blackheath over the festive period, and are looking for a way to digest some turkey, you might like to check out the Blackheath Morris Men. As their website claims: “They are men and they are from Blackheath”. More importantly, they will be appearing at several pubs around Blackheath on Boxing Day.  From the website:

The traditional start will be at the Princess of Wales , next to the Pond, Prince of Wales Road (almost Montpelier Row) SE3. Fine Ales, fine views of the Heath under a leaden sky and bracing winds. Meet from 12.00, dancing will be sometime between 12.30 and 1.30.

1.30 at The Crown, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath Village, for dancing at about 1.45. Fine Ales, fine views of the Village under a leaden sky and tranquil winds.

2.45 at the the Duke of Edinburgh, Lee High Road (next to the Quaggy River, Tigers Head end near Sainsbury’s) for dancing at 3.00. Fine Ales, fine views of the main road and shopping trolleys in the Quaggy under a leaden sky and wind. This will probably be followed by a session in the Pub.

All times are approximate.

One of their flag waving, stick clacking group also runs a very
good local blog called Baggage Reclaim. It’s a shame that the Bugle can’t be there, not because he’s a big fan of the Morris (he’s with Sir Arnold Bax – the googling is left as an exercise for the reader), but he’d love to find out what Bagrec thought of Red Mars, and the various other books mentioned on his excellent blog!

Anyway, a merry Christmas, Eid, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Hogmanay, Yılbaşı, New Year, and anything else that Londoners enjoy, to all Bugle readers, and if you have any top tips for how to spend the festive season in Blackheath, do drop me a line.

Coming up in the near future, some amazing Victorian Blackheath Postcards, possibly a Blackheath book review, and more on the Blackheath Scientific Society.

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