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First Blackheath Scientific Society lecture tomorrow

The Cutty Sark from Wikipedia

Don’t forget “The Blackheath Scientific Society” are holding the first of their 2009 lectures tomorrow, 7.45pm, at Mycenae House.  The first one is about science and Aviation Terrorism.

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The Blackheath Scientific Society

The Cutty Sark from Wikipedia

Here’s a nice thing I hadn’t spotted before… In the spirit of all the other societies that seem to exist around this area, I also discovered “The Blackheath Scientific Society“.  They started in 1857, hold regular lectures, most of which are open to the public, and meet in Mycenae House, here (which apparently used to be a convent).  Their next lectures are in January – something to look forward to in the post-new-year gloom, and range across a wide range of scientific subjects, from Aviation Terrorism, to Glaucoma, and a talk about the restoration of the Cutty Sark.  I’ll post a reminder when the next one is coming up.

It reminded me of this brilliant website, full of free lectures in London, which sadly isn’t updated any more, due to the author passing away.  I used to frequently go to these (back when I had days off in the middle of the week!), it’s such a shame this amazing site isn’t updated any more.


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