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Blackheath Hospital in print

Blackheath Hospital in the Illustrated London News from 1856.
Fancy a pen and ink illustration of Hogwarts? Someone’s flogging a page from an 1856 issue of The Illustrated London News on Amazon, for the princely sum of $21.75 (or £20.42 in old money, including shipping).

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School for Muggles

Blackheath Hospital

I overheard someone at the station a while back pointing up at the spooky Blackheath Hospital building and referring to it as “Hogwarts”…

It certainly does have a touch of the gothic about it…  According to the guru (amazon or abebooks), it was originally built as a boarding school, though not for trainee wizards sadly.  Instead it was a boys school for sons of missionaries.  And now it mends broken hearts, sort of…


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