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Filming at the Farmers Market

Aldo Zilli filming at the Blackheath Farmers Market for a BBC TV show
I promise I do go to other places besides the Farmers Market, honest. As I was wandering up, I saw this message from Blackheath’s Premier Twitterer, Richard Bacon. He said that Aldo Zilli is at the Farmer’s Market, so it must be good…

And sure enough, there Mr Zilli was, filming a new BBC series due to go out in the summer, tentatively called “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” (who says the BBC is dumbing down?), whereby a load of “celebrity chefs” go to farmers markets in various cities, and then use the food at various posh restaurants. Apparently Nick Nairn was also wandering around the market too.

It sounds like a recipe for an angry AA Gill column to me, but anyway, the episode being filmed at the Blackheath Farmers Market will be about The Mercer, on Threadneedle Street in London.

Which is all great, except that I wouldn’t know Aldo Zilli, Nick Nairn or The Mercer, if I hadn’t just been told about them… Lord Reith had a rule forbidding the use of the word “famous”: If the person is famous, then the audience doesn’t need to be told that they are, as they will already be instantly recognisable, and if the person isn’t famous, then it is a lie. For less media-saturated times…

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Pancake Races at the Blackheath Farmers Market

Pancake by flickr user PSD

As spotted by Twitter user Moderateorgood, there will be a pancake race at the Blackheath Farmers Market on Sunday 22nd February starting at 12:20-14:00.

There’s a good poster for it here, although I hope they don’t get sued by the Olympic committee for daring to use their corporate name in vain! As mentioned before, the Farmers Market is exactly the sort of thing that should be encouraged – it’s cheaper than Sainsbury’s, better for you, and the planet too..

A recipe for pancakes can be found on the London Farmer’s Market website.

Photo by Flickr user PSD

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If you’re going to the farmers market tomorrow…

Blackheath Farmers Market

A hot tip…   They have a mysterious vegetable known as Purslane in season at the moment.  I’d never had it before, and didn’t know anything about it, but according to The Smallest Kitchen (a food blog based in Blackheath), it is very easy to prepare, and (I can confirm) is delicious.

It has several other names, which where clearly dreamt up before any Marketing Departments had an opportunity to finesse them: “Pigweed” and “Little Hogweed” don’t give off quite the right image….

I can’t really describe the taste – it is a little bit like fresh baby spinach leaves, but a bit more substantial – anyway, have a read of the recipe, and if you head down to the station car park tomorrow, pick some up and give it a try.

If you find any other unusual forgotten vegetables there, please let me know!


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Blackheath Farmers Market

Blackheath Farmers Market

I’d been meaning to write a post about the farmers market for a while, but a post on boingboing reminded me. It is a talk by Michael Pollan, and American journalist writing about the American diet (and Western diets in general). It is very funny, and makes some great points about how to eat well, and how to avoid illness through good food.

Watch it if you have time. If not, I’ll sum it up – go to Blackheath Farmers Market on Sundays! A great quote:

Whenever you go to the supermarket, imagine that you great-grandmother is accompanying you. If she doesn’t recognise what you are buying as food, then don’t buy it.

Your great-grandmother (I imagine) would be delighted with the farmers market. It is held every Sunday from 10am-2pm in Blackheath Station Car Park. There are delicious breads (the rosemary bread is the best), a weird and wonderful mushroom stall, general fresh veg stalls, eggs, butter, yoghurt, milk, chickens – all ready to cook and be eaten. It’s not cheap, but if you only buy what you need it is well worth it.

If you need any more convincing that farmers markets are the way to go – then try “Not on the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate” by Felicity Lawrence.

When you’ve bought your food, you could try one of these lovely recipes.

Photos taken by flickr user Luz-del-la-luna, used under a creative commons license. And I think it should be “farmers’ market”, but it looks like a mouthful…


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