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Blackheath Parakeet

Parakeet sighting in Blackheath
Another parakeet sighting! This time by Spannarama on Flickr.

See previous video here, and discussion here.

Now looking for an equally good shot of the Blackheath Ferret please.


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Parakeet Alert!

Scrumping apples from the tree outside!

Not going to win any awards for photography, but you get the idea..

See the incorrectly titled older post The Greenfinch Tree for previous sightings!


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The Greenfinch Tree?

The Greenfinch Tree?
Every morning, at about 7am without exception, I see several bright green birds. They’re perched in the trees opposite the Everest Inn. I’ve tried to take photos of them, but my camera phone is rubbish, and they’re too quick. Does anyone know what they are? Domestic parrots that have escaped and gone feral? Greenfinches? Please let me know!
European_Greenfinch_male_female from Wikipedia
(Greenfinch photo from Wikipedia).


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Rare birds in Blackheath

Female or immature European Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis)
Matt writes

At the weekend my girlfriend spotted a funny-looking bird on Eliot Place, a bit like a robin but all grey apart from an orange tail. Anyway, turns out it was a Black Redstart, and the RSPB reckons there are only 25-73 breeding pairs in the country. Something to look out for, anyway!

Which is a nice find, and ties in very well with Blackheath being awarded Green Flag status!
Photo from wikipedia


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European Eagle Owl Portrait - London Bridge, London, England - Friday 7th September 2007

I’m sure I heard an owl last night… Am I going mad, or does Blackheath have owls?

Photo by Flickr user law_keven


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