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Distraction theft

From the Met Police YouTube channel:

Police in Greenwich have released CCTV footage of a distraction theft at a cash point outside Barclays bank in Vanbrugh Park, SE3.

Officers are asking the public to assist in identifying three men suspected of being involved.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, 10 September at approximately 14:00hrs when the victim, a man aged 82, was at the cash point and while waiting for his money he was distracted by a man standing behind him.

The suspect was speaking in a foreign language and kept pointing at a £10 on the floor by the victim’s feet, implying he had dropped it. The victim subsequently bent down to pick up the £10 note. When he stood back up, he noticed his card and £50 cash had been taken.

The victim saw the suspect walk away with two other men. The victim was unharmed.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Burglary Squad on 020 8284 9449 or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Gary writes on Facebook that there have been a few of these in Blackheath village too.

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The most ornate cashpoint ever built

It may look like a branch of Barclays, but it isn’t… Even The Times has noticed.

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Cashpoints in Blackheath

Had a message from James asking about the hole in the wall machine at Blackheath Station:

“The cashpoint at the station has been “temporarily” out of order for about 2 months now.  I’d be interested to see what others think of this”.

Well, I’ve been down there a few times over the last few days, and it has been functioning perfectly every time!  So I’m not sure whether you’re thinking of a different one?

As far as I know, there are four cashpoints in Blackheath village:

  • Two at Lloyds Bank.
  • One Natwest branded one in the station.
  • One at Barclays Bank, near the library.

But have I missed any?


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