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Artists in Blackheath

Live Form by Haris Kittos 2007
Blackheath seems to be home to a great many artists. There is the Blackheath Gallery on the high street (google map here), which rotates around many different artists (see their site for more info). Recently they had a terrifying oil painting of Amy Winehouse on display, as well as some lovely glasswork. They were swapping exhibits last time I wandered past.

Approaching Storm, Blackheath, by Nathaniel Fowles

There is the Blackheath Art Society, who are holding an open air exhibition in Cutty Sark Gardens on Sunday 17th August from 10am to 5pm. Not to be confused with the Blackheath Art Society of New South Wales, who may well be holding an exhibition, but will be of more interest to people in Australia.

And then there are the individual artists that you find by chance, who aren’t being exhibited on the high street, but thanks to the wonder of the web, can be discovered and admired by anyone with an internet connection – such as Nathaniel Fowles (see right), whose haunting images of Morris Minors on the heath remind me of my parents old Morris breaking down on a dark night many moons ago!

The image at the top of the post is by another Blackheath artist named Haris Kittos – have a look at his page, where you can find a whole series of pencil sketches, as well as other works in acrylics and ink.

And then a different sort of artist – a promo video for a poetry book by Adelle Stripe published by Blackheath Books. Completely bizarre, gothic and vampirical!

(Paintings reproduced by permission).

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