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Blackheath in 3D, in Google Earth

All Saints Church Blackheath in 3D

I was trying out the new version of Google Earth, and noticed that All Saints Church now appears in 3D, if you enable the “3D Buildings” option. The Dome is also modelled, as is the London Eye, and other famous landmarks. It looks fairly simple to add your own models, using Google’s free Sketch Up software… I had a quick go at creating a 3D version of The Railway pub, as it is a simple shape – It needs a lot of improvement, but you get the general idea:

The Railway Pub, Blackheath in 3D

Try downloading the software, and perhaps between us, we can create the whole of Blackheath in 3D! Also, if you’re into planetary things, you must try the new Mars model inside Google Earth. See here for more info.


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Blackheath does God – religion as lifestyle

All Saint's Church, Blackheath, in the fog by Flickr user CaptainMcDan
The Times had an article about the local church in Blackheath. Which is fine, I guess, although I couldn’t really understand how this was in any way newsworthy… Lots of people find God when they suffer difficulties. It has a photograph of a luminously backlit attractive young lady standing next to a vicar in front of the picturesque All Saints church, and feels as though it could have been written about a major new boutique that was opening up, or perhaps a new theatre.

It’s not so much the story which is unbearable, as the endless lifestyle/fantasy elements within the article. Why is it that everyone writing within the colour supplements of the broadsheets has children called Wilma and Archie, and edits magazines?! Can’t any of them be systems analysts, dental nurses, life insurance salesmen, or work in telesales? Anyway, it sounds like church is great fun, with lots of candles and incense if you fancy it…

I might stick to confused atheism, but it ain’t half grumpy. God, I wish there was a secular church sometimes. A grown-up’s youth club, for want of a better term. Where people could meet up with their neighbours, and say hello, safe in the knowledge that they probably aren’t axe-murders, because they are “good Christian people”… No, hang on, that needs a bit of work, doesn’t it… Maybe Dawkins should restart his Bright movement as a national youth club for adults.

Still, the comments in the article are ace… I’m surprised nobody wrote the classic “There is no God, and Dawkins is his prophet”…. Where is Margaret Atwood when you need her? Or Bartlett for that matter:

Photo by Flickr user Captainmcdan.


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The twin spires

Blackheath All Saints Church by Flickr User Robert Brook

I’m pretty myopic at the best of times, but I’m fairly sure that I saw the Crystal Palace Transmitter as the 108 bus rose over the hill, coming back on to the Heath from the Royal Standard.

When it is clear like that, it’s nice to look out across the horizon, and wonder what other beings would make of this place. Do we worship tall things? The spire of All Saints church really does cut through the skyline of Blackheath – it’s almost impossible to see anything else – your eye is so drawn to it, as you head over the heath. The Google Map satellite view gives a striking impression – just look at the shadow lying across the grass.  It reminded me of other places – we show what is important to us by pointing up to the sky.

It’s harder to use Google to figure out whether it was the crystal palace transmitter that I saw behind the church – there isn’t enough elevation information available online – it all seems to be jealously guarded behind pay-walls (unless you’re looking for Martian elevation data, in which case you can take all you like!).

It also reminded me of the wonderful dinosaurs there (in Crystal Palace park, not the church…)  Well worth a look if you’ve never seen them.


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