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Lewisham Station Adjammed

KitKat advert graffitti sexism lewisham station london adjam

Couldn’t be bothered to wait for the train at Lewisham, so trudged the classic route past the building work (do they ever do any building work in there?), and spotted this wonderful piece of Subvertising.  Quite right too – I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw the ad in London Bridge.  This blogger put it far more eloquently than I could with the post Merry Christmas You Fat Cows (Love from Nestle).

And it seems, according to The Grocer, that we will be seeing a lot more of them next year.  £6 million pounds worth of Nestle processed food ads.

Urban feminist’s comments about KitKat might need an update…  And here’s the Advertising Standards complaints form, should you feel the urge (seems to be down at the moment).

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Cut price waffle irons?

Blackheath village in BT advertisement commercial outside Oxfam
Nicola emailed me to say:

I don’t know if you remember this advert, but it was filmed at Oxfam over a couple of very hot July days 2 years ago!

Click the picture to go to the ad.

I don’t remember the ad, but then I tend to skip most of the ads, by various means… It is a strange one – are they taking a pot-shot at the Cookery Nook?  I’d quite fancy a cut price waffle iron if I could find one!

There’s not a great deal of Blackheath visible, most of it is tastefully blurred out in a depth-of-field that makes the ad look like an old romantic movie.  A bit of the shopping arcade next to Oxfam and the sofa shop is visible, and there’s a good shot of the Picture Gallery behind him, but that’s about it.  I don’t know where the big billboard is (but then again, it could be anywhere).

Does anyone else have any examples of Blackheath caught on film, besides this one, and the Hexagonal House?  I’m still trying to get hold of a copy of “BBC – Voice of Britain“, made in the 1930s by the GPO Film Unit (now named “The Blackheath Arts Club” at the end of Bennett Park), as many of the scenes were also shot in Blackheath.


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