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Being passed from pillar to post

fixmystreet - blackheath - Before and after
The busted bollard has been lovingly restored to its former glory, thanks to fixmystreet, and the council. It’s a great feeling when you wander past something and think – “I spotted that – and now it’s fixed!”

But here’s the annoying thing – here in lovely Blackheath, we are straddled across Greenwich and Lewisham councils. So far, three of the things I’ve reported have resulted in someone from the council calling me, saying “We don’t handle that sort of problem at that location. You need to tell the other lot”.

When this happened for the third time, I finally suggested that the two councils might be able to tell each other about the problems, and asked that they call me back to tell me who might be in charge of that sort of thing. So far, no reply…

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Mysterious Glyphs

Is this normal graffiti? It looks like it might possibly be Chinese? Or am I just hopeless at reading the tags that angry young men use these days. At least it doesn’t say “Tox ’08″….


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“BOOP… Stand Well Clear… Vehicle Reversing”

Noisy dustcart blackheath greenwich council stand well clear

I swear, if I hear this noise (mp3) one more time this week I’m going to throw myself down behind that dustcart. Has anyone ever been saved from death by that stupid racket? If any of you dear sweet readers has a friend, who knows a friend, who once managed to avoid death as a result of a robot-machine-received-pronunciation-death-bot-voice-from-hell screaming “Stand Well Clear Big Brother Loves You”, then I’ll rethink my argument. Even if you were standing behind the bloody thing you’d hear it without the automatic-shoutbox bolted on to the back of the daft machine.  God help anyone who has to do night shifts.


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Controlled, but not that controlled…

Sofa on Pond Road in Blackheath, taken by flickr user fotologic
Lovely soft pastel colours…  Looks like it’s always been there… I suppose someone ought to post it onto fixmystreet though…
Taken by flickr user fotologic, under a creative commons license.


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Post haste

Absence of post

You may remember my post about the post. No sign of a fix yet. The post itself has disappeared, but the hole is still there. Hopefully the post won’t reappear through a shop window. A nice lady called Lisa has emailed me to tell me that she has told Greenwich council about it.

Next time you walk past it, remember, it isn’t a missing post, it is actually Service Request ID 175605.

This will be the last post (bugle joke) for a while, as The Bugle is going to get some sun for a couple of weeks. However, I’ve been working on a load of posts to keep you going over the coming days, which should hopefully get posted automatically, so stay tuned….

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Plucked like a tooth from the pavement.

Road barrier

And it doesn’t even look like it has been hit by a car… We must have some strong teenagers in Blackheath!

Added to fixmystreet, but how long before it is repaired?

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