What lies beneath

Demon carving in Blackheath Cavern

On 18th Feb at 7.30pm in the Bakehouse there’s a talk about what lies beneath Greenwich.  Anthony Durham on Greenwich Underground – more interesting than on top.  There’s not much more information to go on at the  moment at the Greenwich Industrial History blog, but hopefully it will go into the many mysterious things beneath the heath.

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  1. Ian Watson

    I thoroughly enjoyed the articles, it reminded me of playground legends of trains buried at Blackheath, trains buried at Crystal Palace high level and I dimly remember being told by my granddad about the well heads and stuff, he was an alleged expert being the executive for water at the GLC and he told me about water tables and seepages, far too much for a young lad to have taken in but seeing that domed brick pillar just brought it all back again :)

    His first name was Walter and his job caused him to adopt “Bob” as he never took to the nickname of Walter Works given in jest around him, a jolly character but that was perhaps too much even for him… I do remember one of his Blackheath friends, a foreign chap called Mr Nagh (prononced narge) and he was Polish and did something important during the war for us.

    It seems the whole area could have loads of subterranean caverns as Chislehurst caves stretches for miles and who knows what landfalls closing off caverns and sluices, sections of caverns were found under the rear of Mottingham when tunnelling through to Elmstead Woods for the railway and the old ice dungeon is underneath the golf course nearby..

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