Forever and ever amen

Anonymous writes in a previous comment:

Another application now before council. Good cause and in the right location away from homes. But why in perpetuity rather than annual renewal to take account of any problems?

Good Hope Festival Ltd, Blackheath – area bordering Shooters Hill Rd, Prince Charles Rd & Goffers Rd, London SE3 0TZ
Plays, Films, Live Music, Recorded Music, Performances of dance, Anything of a similar description & Sale of alcohol on the premises
The first full weekend in August every year
Saturday 11:00 – 21:00
Sunday 12:00 – 21:00

Anyone know why licenses are offered in perpetuity?

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9 responses to “Forever and ever amen

  1. Jessica

    It is to save council money and time on a decision that doesn’t cause great concern and require annual review. However this doesn’t mean that if there was an incident or public need the license could not be reviewed at any time.
    Annually can put a restriction on when the review can happen. This way the council allow themselves to review at any time.

    • Anonymous

      I would think the traffic implications alone of a festival requiring such a huge area could spark a lot of concern. Access and parking will be chaotic.

  2. Anon

    What exactly is the Good Hope Festival and what’s the associated good cause? How many are expected to attend?

  3. Paul

    This is from the most recent Blackheath Society newsletter “Not far behind, with estimated maximum attendance of 15,000 to 20,000, is the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, a local charity founded to commemorate the teenager murdered in Lee in 2008. Its Good Hope Festival might be for the week-
    end of 2/3 August and would close off most of the Heath between All Saints Church and the A2. It would be family-oriented, with acts for children and scenes from a London musical such as the Lion King, or even from the bands Florence and the Machine or Dire Straits. A second stage would showcase emerging young artists.”

    This is from a job ad: ” Jimmy Mizen Foundation work with young people and help them to make a positive change in their lives that will benefit both themselves and their community. The Festival will be a unique two day music and arts festival, the first of its kind on Blackheath, and will promote the vision of the Foundation which works with young people to promote peace, hope and change; bringing people together to celebrate all that is good about South London. The two days will be packed with activities including some of the UK’s biggest artists and local unsigned acts, loads of interactive family focussed elements and live art installations and performances.”

    Dire Straits! Eek!

    • Mr Eee


      The Dire Straits are a popular beat combo who had several records in the hit parade in the 80s.

      What’s more fitting in a festival to celebrate young people than a band that appeals to people entering their second childhood? (Sadly I’d quite like to see them – I am that old – although I have no idea where I’ve put my Love Over Gold tour T-Shirt).

  4. Anonymous

    Jessica seems to know something about this so maybe she could explain the difference between reviewing a licence and terminating a licence. Presumably the Council can review a licence granted in perpetuity as often as it likes but that does not mean that licence will be terminated. The licence will carry on forever, just subject to different terms and conditions imposed by the Council from time to time. That is the issue here.

  5. Heath hugger

    Is it cynical little me or am I the only Blackheath resident who fears The Jimmy Mizen Foundation is lending its good name to little more than another attempt by Lewisham Council to try and make money “renting out” The Heath? On Blackheath are still struggling to sell us all their dream of a two day pop-festival, just as the schools go back after summer holidays, every September from now to eternity and now we’re told this huge event will have a warm-up act! Some kind of “family-friendly” who-knows-what 48 hour traffic jam with paying guests, rain,hail or shine, same two unlucky days, every August, FOREVER.
    Apart from the icecream, grog and hot-dog floggers who REALLY needs all this?

  6. Open heath lander

    Is this a fund raising event for the excellent Jimmy Mizzen charity? It appears to be a ‘dire festival’ with old well known bands fenced off with expensive entry fees for those reliving their youth. The first step to commerical events on the heath through out the year. Something no one travelling through Blackheath wants or need. (Remeber the effect of the Olympics on the local shops).
    If it was a one day event showingcase our fantastic local youth it would be something we could enjoy and support.

  7. Heathwalker

    The following are from the Blackheath Society’s website and from this week’s Mercury. Not sure what to make of the latter.

    1 – We are informed by LBL of a licence application made by the Good Hope Festival in connection with their proposal to hold a concert and festival on the Heath in August 2014. The final date for representations is 19 February, 2014. Details can be obtained from Kim Giddings, Principal Licencing Officer, LBL, 4th Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU. 020 83148067
    There will be the annual Public Meeting of the Blackheath Joint Working Party on Tuesday 18 February, (venue to be confirmed) at which this whole subject will be addressed.

    2 – Howard Shields, from the Blackheath Society, told the Mercury: “A lot of work has been undertaken in the past few years and we now feel the right guidelines and policies are in place to make the decisions on events on the heath. The society no longer sees its role as being a gatekeeper.”

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