Don’t worry the chip shop hasn’t gone

Soon to return with a delicious collection of Turkish cuisine, sucuk, olive oil based hot and cold mezzes, and delicious olives from around the region.. Only joking, I’m sure they’ll be providing crimes against food again soon. Can’t say I haven’t occasionally been tempted as I walk past though…


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12 responses to “Don’t worry the chip shop hasn’t gone

  1. Everywhere needs a chippy, though I much prefer the one at the Standard. Is that right the Curry Garden has closed? We’re down to three excellent curry houses in the Village now, if true.

    • cliff

      I’m possibly out of date with this information but walking past the Curry Garden yesterday I saw a sign in the window requesting the development of a wine bar in there.

    • Anonymous

      Which one are you saying isn’t decent?

      • vincera61

        Apologies, Anonymous, we’re down to FOUR decent curry houses. Was sorry to see the Curry Garden close as I had been going there since the early 90s. Hadn’t been there recently though, which tell its own story.

      • Anonymous

        Im with you on that vincera61, used to be a great place in the latev80s and 90s but really went down hill. Suppose all good things come to an end!

  2. ScottyD

    I think Private Eye’s amusing ‘It’s Grim Up North London’ could not have been more tragically ‘trendy’ if it had tried! “olives from around the region”? Don’t forget locally grown organic tofu while you’re at it. Honestly – have some chips!

  3. PhilR

    Fish and chips wrapped in paper. Not deconstructed or served on a piece of slate. How very dare they. Though I’m sure they do good guacamole… By the way, a cheese emporium is a notable omission in the village.

    • A certain stall holder at Borough Market recently looked at a property in the Village, with a view to opening a cheese shop. The rent was just way too much, especially given that the property would have required tens of thousands of pounds to make it suit the purpose. Sadly, interesting foodie shops are priced out of the market, leaving us with a load of estate agents. (Is there a collective noun for estate agents?)

    • There is, however, a selection of good cheeses available at the redoubtable Hand Made Food, of course.

  4. Phillip

    I wish it had!

    I have only been there once and it gave my wife and I a serious bout of food poisoning (and there was no doubt about where it came from) which lasted about two weeks. I went in to speak with the manager about what had happened and he was extremely aggressive.

    So when I saw the white windows I was hoping it had gone under. Sadly not.

  5. uknowitmakessense

    I’ve eaten at (or rather from) this chip shop a number of times. My actions are really what you’d call a triumph of hope over experience, as EVERY time I regret it. They really don’t know how to make a decent fish supper (betraying my scottish roots here) nor even passable chips. How hard can it be?

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