Paved paradise…



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6 responses to “Paved paradise…

  1. Matthew Gough

    Who is this Mike Bird fool, and why are people humouring him when he’s clearly a troll?

  2. Mike Bird. He is 9 months out of Exeter Uni, so he speaks with all the authority on economic matters as my granny. Well, less probably, because Gran has some good ideas – like not letting chumps like him have a say until they have some experience. What a supercilious little sod.

  3. Anonymous

    You have to build up. Skyscrapers and the like.

  4. Mr Eeee

    Every time I see a picture of his head I think – so much empty space….

  5. Vic

    Mike was being slightly facetious. The “right wing” cracks are a bit strange. Do left wing types not care about the high cost of housing resulting almost entirely from I’m alright jack nimbyism across London and the South East?


    He makes a genuine point, where are we going to build all these houses and flats? Maybe the left are enjoying the rise in property prices too much to care? FWIW his boss’ article in the Telegraph today is right on the money.

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