Blackheath station updated

I can’t read architectural drawings. As several people have pointed out, there is no plan at all to stick a whopping great shutter over the front of Blackheath station. Instead the plan is to keep the external windows and entrance unchanged, but to reduce the size of the newsagents at the upper floor, and to shift the ticket office to the right, which will make more room for ticket machines, as well as revealing the windows on the other side overlooking the tracks. Above is a before and after animated gif, to show the changes more clearly (hopefully). Sorry… I’ll get my coat…


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6 responses to “Blackheath station updated

  1. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Aaargh. Isn’t there a link to a non-animated gif, so we can study it for more than a second at a time?

  2. Gerry Frizzelle

    Could some of that £420k be spent on having loos which are actually unlocked and usable? No-one in my family has ever found the men’s or women’s toilets at Blackheath station open, regardless of the time of day.

  3. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Those links are broken, but all the planning docs seem to be here

    and, @Gerry, they appear to include refurbished women’s loos

  4. mark

    Does anyone know why they have cleared alot of the trees next to platform 1 at Blackheath station?

  5. Neil Rh

    The retaining wall – c 1848 – between the Station’s redundant siding and the Blackheath Hospital building (erstwhile School for Sons of Missionaries and then Winchester House) was/is crumbling and requires much needed repair and repointing. Not all the trees have gone and what remains will flourish quickly.

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