Rolling shutters – just what Blackheath station needs

shutters, blackheath station

UPDATE: There is no plan to stick a great big shutter over the front of Blackheath station. I got it wrong. See the comments below, and this updated post.

Following on from the News Hopper’s piece today about the station improvements, below are some images from the plans. You can see the full set of documents on the Lewisham planning portal.
Blackheath station shutter proposed

I don’t know about you, but nothing says “this area is dodgy” like a roller shutter with graffiti on it. That appears to be what’s been approved for the station following renovation work (minus the graffiti to begin with).


A spot of colour in one of the planning documents:

Unusually, the track in the bay remains in situ, although it is now heavily overgrown
and otherwise obstructed. The area to the north (now a car-park) was formerly an
area of railway sidings, where commuter trains were stabled when not in use.

The bay platform used to come into its own when a circus was taking place on
Blackheath. Many of the animals would arrive in train vans. The circus would then
process through Blackheath Village on to the heath. There is a local legend that on
one occasion an elephant took exception to a passing bus — and the bus lost!

proposed cafe serving are downstairs

£420,000 of our money spent on tinkering with the station again. Bear in mind the lifts took nine months to be installed last time. Looking forward to the grand opening in 2035!

Artist’s impression of (badly photoshopped) Blackheath station with a shutter based on an image by Onnola on Flickr.


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7 responses to “Rolling shutters – just what Blackheath station needs

  1. HTFB

    I think the Bugle has the wrong end of the stick here. The diagram is labelled “Tenancy Roller Shutter” and the document with the elephants states :

    “The proposals do not affect the external façades of the existing station building and as such the external appearance of the station building will remain the same.”

    The ‘tenancy’ referred to is the station newsagent, which will lose space under the plans. It already has a roller shutter across its front, and the proposal seems to be to replace this like-for-like when the internal walls in the station are moved. It doesn’t seem to affect the view from the road.

    • HTFB

      The plans show the new ticket hall stretching right across the building with a new view out from the central windows over the tracks. That looks like a really pleasing improvement.

    • You could well be right. The three distinctive windows in the Proposed Elevation plan are on the outside of the station, so I assumed the shutters are also on the external face. It’s a confusing image to me. Have I got the wrong end of the stick here?

  2. Matthew Gough

    Mr Bugle, I fear you have indeed got the wrong end of the stick.

    That roller shutter is for the newspaper stall. In the new plan it appears it will actually be smaller than the existing one, and the one in the downstairs waiting room will go altogether as the ‘booth’ is moving into what is currently a store room.

    It looks like the external facia of the station isn’t going to be touched.

    Those distinctive windows are actually overlooking the track and are currently part of the ticket office – the new design will open them up for the public.

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