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Does anyone know how best to learn to drive around here? I have been sent so many requests for things like this – “does anyone know a good x, y, or z”, and I usually don’t post them. This is because unless I’ve used a service myself and appreciated it, I don’t think there’s much point.

However on this occasion, I’m stuck. I want to learn to drive. I tried about 15 years ago, but never got around to taking the test, so I’ve got to redo the theory test and everything, so I kind of know where the pedals are, and which end of the car is the front, but that’s about it… The prospect of having to navigate the south circular, or anywhere else in London currently fills me with dread.

Any tips or recommendations appreciated. Please don’t post your own businesses, only recommendations based on experience (I won’t publish comments if I suspect they are adverts). Many thanks!

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7 responses to “Driving

  1. http://www.passingwithchris.co.uk/

    I learned with Chris and have recommended him to many friends. He’s a total star – knows the area backwards and is a brilliant teacher!

    (Co-ordinator of The Wonder Women Network)

  2. I can recommend a fantastic instructor. He has a very high first time pass rate and has taught lots of us from in the Village. (We all passed first time)

    His name is Steve, 07956956024. He’s local and flexible.


  3. Sam

    Steve Kemp, as Ben has said, has taught many a village resident and is top notch.

  4. Andrew

    Cant recommend instructor but dont worry about driving in London. I learned in Hastings, reverse round corner and up a hill at same time! London is flat. Just concentrate on what’s in front and only what is behind/beside when changing lanes. But do plan your route and know where you are going. I often use Google street view to ‘drive’ a route. Dont be hesitant, everyone else will be. Best time to drive in London is 8am Sunday morning. Worst time Friday rush hour. its just so damn slow. But once you are used to driving in London you can drive anywhere including Right side countries. Except India perhaps. Dont even think about it. Good luck.

  5. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Don’t do it, Bugle. I failed my test just after my finals at Leeds uni 40 years ago, renewed my provisional licence when I came to live in SE London in late 1973. But I never booked any lessons and, three children later, don’t regret it for a moment. You can live a full live without a car, or even a driving licence..

  6. runner500

    I have not used Tim Mountain myself, although know a couple of people who rated him highly

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