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Rolling shutters – just what Blackheath station needs

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UPDATE: There is no plan to stick a great big shutter over the front of Blackheath station. I got it wrong. See the comments below, and this updated post.

Following on from the News Hopper’s piece today about the station improvements, below are some images from the plans. You can see the full set of documents on the Lewisham planning portal.
Blackheath station shutter proposed

I don’t know about you, but nothing says “this area is dodgy” like a roller shutter with graffiti on it. That appears to be what’s been approved for the station following renovation work (minus the graffiti to begin with).


A spot of colour in one of the planning documents:

Unusually, the track in the bay remains in situ, although it is now heavily overgrown
and otherwise obstructed. The area to the north (now a car-park) was formerly an
area of railway sidings, where commuter trains were stabled when not in use.

The bay platform used to come into its own when a circus was taking place on
Blackheath. Many of the animals would arrive in train vans. The circus would then
process through Blackheath Village on to the heath. There is a local legend that on
one occasion an elephant took exception to a passing bus — and the bus lost!

proposed cafe serving are downstairs

£420,000 of our money spent on tinkering with the station again. Bear in mind the lifts took nine months to be installed last time. Looking forward to the grand opening in 2035!

Artist’s impression of (badly photoshopped) Blackheath station with a shutter based on an image by Onnola on Flickr.


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Delboy's Reliant Robin
Does anyone know how best to learn to drive around here? I have been sent so many requests for things like this – “does anyone know a good x, y, or z”, and I usually don’t post them. This is because unless I’ve used a service myself and appreciated it, I don’t think there’s much point.

However on this occasion, I’m stuck. I want to learn to drive. I tried about 15 years ago, but never got around to taking the test, so I’ve got to redo the theory test and everything, so I kind of know where the pedals are, and which end of the car is the front, but that’s about it… The prospect of having to navigate the south circular, or anywhere else in London currently fills me with dread.

Any tips or recommendations appreciated. Please don’t post your own businesses, only recommendations based on experience (I won’t publish comments if I suspect they are adverts). Many thanks!

Photo by David Avoura King on Flickr.


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