World class customer service

“Can I have two tickets from the boundary of zone three to three bridges please? I’ve got an annual gold card.”

He gives me two tickets from Blackheath, costing over £18, instead of £13.

When I question it, I’m told its because I’ve only got one annual gold card.

“But my wife has one too- she’s travelling with me!”

“If I can’t see it, you can’t have it. It’s policy”.

So I cancelled both tickets, go and get my wife’s card, and finally buy the correct tickets.

Why can’t I choose the start and end location of any ticket I choose to purchase? With a single annual gold card, I’m entitled to up to three off peak discounted tickets if the other people are travelling with me.

We pay £2,800 a year to the train companies to be treated like criminals.


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8 responses to “World class customer service

  1. Tom

    Interresting .. actually im pretty sure you are entitled to the discount for all your travelling companions if just one of you has a Gold Card. I was volunteered this information when buying tickets at Victoria a few years back!

  2. Jo

    I agree, there tends to be an assumption you’re trying to cheat the system, and it’s for you to prove otherwise. This is particularly misjudged when you have a gold card.

  3. Anonymous

    There seem to be two very different people at the ticket office at Blackheath station, one is really nice and ultra helpful, the other one is rude, unhelpful and treats you with disgust… Probably hasn’t been on the SE trains “client centred” training course yet!!!

  4. Yes, your gold card allows you to purchase discounted tickets for up to four people. There should be no question of needing sight of a second gold card to get a discounted ticket for your wife.

    In terms of the start/end, tickets should be sold from any destination to any other at ticket offices, although I guess ‘boundary zone’ tickets are only valid when combined with another zonal ticket so checking that she has one is probably a valid question. It would have been better to warn you of that fact rather than just refusing the sale though.

    Personally I have had plenty of bad experiences at ticket offices (tube/rail) and few stand-out good ones. For this reason I will not be too sad when we inevitably move to machines only (although the machines would need to be upgraded so that they are capable of selling the full range of tickets).

    Sounds harsh, but when a machine can do what a human can, the onus is on the human to demonstrate how they can do it better, which in this instance means excellent service.

  5. Ed

    When buying a single to Gatwick it’s £5 cheaper to just say you would like to split the ticket via east Croydon . It’s legal and no need to change trains but always have negative vibes from ticket office when doing it a Blackheath station

  6. My season ticket (and thus my gold card) expired on the 31st of December, and I tried to use my gold card discount to buy a ticket on the 30th. Same journey I’ve made plenty of times before with the gold card discount. Still off peak times, no special trains, etc – nothing that would make it not discountable that I could see. Yet was told I simply could not use it on the 30th at all.

    Must admit I have been curious as to this special holiday that everyone else was celebrating on the 30th and I’ve been missing out on my entire life!

    Perhaps that was completely valid – just so frustrating to have no explanation and yes, be left feeling accused of trying to cheat the system.

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